Monday, March 29, 2010

Income Tax Time

It is Income tax time! It is my job to help my dad ... Its so fun and every year I see that I am getting better at it....especially with my new adding machine that dad surprised me with last week.

I woke up to a glorious, wonderful day, the sun was shinning through the tree's, and oh it was beautiful. Dad and I did income tax all morning and all afternoon. It was my job to add up the GST (Good Services tax) and the subtotal.

With the new calculator I can say it was so easy, much easier than before. I print off the totals and tear the paper and then we staple it to the receipts. Dad said it was an investment.

I vacuumed and made a nice hot fire. Mom was making Basmati Brown Rice. And I like to tell you it was really good people all over the world eat it all the time.

I played some 1100 centry games on my computer and looked my favorite blogs. We watched the Waltons and we had some popcorn with some Kraft Dinner cheese packet sprinkled on and it was crunchy tasty and the most pleasant kind of treat to watch movies. Bye Bye for today*********Kaylee and Reggie

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday Already!?!?

Its Thursday already and I can't believe it.

Today I got up a little bit late. Tyrell went with Darcy for a sleepover yesterday and I went to town with Dad. I quickly got up and got ready for town and guess what!!! It took me 5 minutes to get ready!!! I heard that we are leaving for town in a hour.

When we went I read a book called Elise`s Stolen Heart. It is a really good book also. Its about a boy wanting to Marry Elise just for the money. Elise doesn`t have a mother because when she was born she died. She had a nurse maid to take care of her and still does.

When she turns twenty she will get a million dollars. That's a lot of money back in there days and even these days. In the 1800 in Landsdale,Ohio. She is 18 and is on a holiday with her Auntie Wealthy.

Anyways enough about a book on with the day here Kaylee and Reggie. When we arrived in town we went and did some banking business and then we had a bit to eat. We went to A&W ( yes I know it is really bad for you and when you watch food inc it makes you feel that you don`t want to eat a burger or anything there in fact) and so then we went into Canadian Tire to eat.

I just had french fries and a small Root Beer. Later on when we were almost done eating well Dad not me because I am a slow slow eater even ask all my friends, Craig who is my older brother works at Kenver and he had went to A&W.

I phoned him on the cell and said `` Hey Craiggy whatcha havin for lunch`` he said ``A&W what are you having``Same with you and I said look to you right`and so then he came and had some lunch with us.

Darcy came for lunch and he had his friend in his truck and he had A&W too. It was like a family reunion. Later we went into Canadian Tire and got a shot vac because our old vacuum is acting up. It can vacuum up water and also squirt water too well spray with a hose and stuff and its really cool.

We went and did our town stuff and also its tax time!!!! I love tax time I always help Dad and am getting better. I am going to add up all the GST because guess what. No Calculator so we have to buy one. Dad went and bought a calculator that prints the number on a paper and oh I couldn't wait till I get home.

When we got home we got all settled in and the we had fun with the calculator. And that's pretty much it...

Kaylee and Reggie

Its Friday

Its Friday and I can't believe it.... Can you???? Plus its pretty much the end of March and onto April!!!! Time is flying so fast. Anyways on with the blogging...

Today I got up and had some breakfast and later we went outside. I went and fed the horses horse treats and they loved it. I tried getting a halter on Chico but he didn't want it. I brushed him down and he loved it.

Later I watched Tyrell and Dad building the shed. I was kinda helping Mom and Meg clean out the shed ( it is with all our tubs) I found my clothes tub and I have all my socks back... YAY!!!!Anyways I have lots of socks because Mom bought me some and then I had some socks from the past.

I went and did a fire and came back outside. Later on Jesse came and then Mom and I went inside and I got all cleaned up and I did my hair. I am very particular about my hair so it took me awhile to do it.

We got all ready for our Friday night and Jesse went to his house again but is coming back later. I was playing with Darcy and stuff like that....

Kaylee and Reggie

Friday, March 26, 2010


Its Wednesday and guess what!!! Its Bag Sale at the Salvation Army again. It was hard getting up early but I managed. Dad is going to Fort St. John to look at a truck for Darcy. Megan is house sitting so we are going to pick her up and she is going with Dad while us kids do our regular town routine.

When we were all ready to go we went into the truck and waited until Mom was finished telling the dogs go in your home. When we go somewhere the dogs follow until Mom gets after them. When we were half way to town we went down a road to pick up Megan. Mom said " Do you know where you are going Bry" and he replied " Yes I do, do you know how much many times I was on there".

Down we go on a okay road. The truck steering isn't that great so we were all over the place. Mom was like basically having her hands over her eyes so that she doesn't have to see it. Tyrell and I were in the back and we were laughing our heads off. Dad was enjoying it also. When we arrived Megan was already to go and so she jumped into the truck and ready to go to town.

Dad dropped us girls at the Butcher Block and we took the car ( Darcy worked at the Butcher Block today and he took the car) and then we went to kill 30 minutes. We went to the bag sale and I got lots of hoodies and a pair of pants.

Dad came and picked me up for my piano lessons. Laurel loved me playing the piano. She said that I was VERY good. I had some ups and downs so she corrected me. Dad picked me up and we went to see Mom. Dad and Megan were off to FSJ and us kids and our Mom were going to go swimming with Alise instead of skating.

We went swimming and that was so fun. We went into the steam room and oh was that ever hot. I saw my old friends from public school. After swimming we went and decided to go to Tim Hortons for some lunch. Alise and I had a table of our own and we had some delicious lunch. Later on Mrs. Ford came while we were just leaving. Mom stayed with Tyrell and I went with Alise because it was almost time for sewing.

We went to sewing and guess what. I finished my blanket well not MY blanket a baby blanket for the people who bought our house. I don't know what to make for sewing any ideas????? Mom picked me up. Dad did buy the truck and picked up Darcy.

We went out for supper at Subway then went home.

Kaylee and Reggie.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday Again?!?!?

Its Saturday Again and I can't believe it. Yesterday Jesse and Darcy came for out Friday supper and that was fun. The stove was so hot it wasn't even funny. It was 400 degrees and we were all sweaty. I will tell you a funny story. When we first came up here everyone was outside working while I was in here cleaning and cooking some supper. Mom put big logs on and so did I.

The stove was at 600 degrees ( can you imagine that!!!) and so then I went on the deck and Mom came and said that I should stop being silly. Mom was laughing when she came in here she said that it was really hot and I wasn't reacting at all. Today when I got up right before I had some breakfast the Halidays came for a bid. Us kids played Monopoly.

I went outside and put some ear drops in all the cats ears because they have an ear ache and plus inside it was all bloody and gross. I fed all the cats and they loved it. Later on I went inside and read my book. It was a nice book. It was so sad, Elsie's friend died.

Darcy cane up with the car and I made some Kraft Dinner and it was good. Later on Darcy, Tyrell and I went out for a walk.

Kaylee and Reggie

Keep forgetting to post it... Ha ha

3rd Day Of The Week

Its the 3rd day of the week and I can't believe it!!!... Tomorrow is going to be our town day. We are thinking about going swimming instead of skating because skating is over. In sewing I am making a baby blanket and I think I should be done this week I hope. After the baby blanket I was thinking of making a shirt or something. On with today....

Today I got up and guess what we slept in that's because we went to bed very late. Yesterday we went to Jesse's and I did laundry and we watched a movie with Darcy and did the dishes. I had some cereal and its was good. Later on I cleaned the cabin. Washed dishes, vacuumed, and clearing the table. After vacuuming my arm was sore.

I got lots of snow and Tyrell and the pot was full to the brim. I played Monopoly with Tyrell and guess what!!! I own Park Place and Boardwalk and that's the most expensive one there is, plus I have 2 houses so look out!!! I was poking my mouth with my fingers and guess what!!! I was feeling my silver tooth that the dentist put on and guess what!!! I put pressure on and it went onto the monopoly game board. It was so cool.

A few days I was watching the Walton's and I pulled out the tooth also. I have a huge gaping space in my mouth and plus there is also a wiggly tooth that is beside the gaping space and so then I will soon pull that out but my mouth is in to much pain. I am growing my twelve year old molars right now and its growing in all places and plus all the teeth that are lost and growing so I can't wait till all of the teeth are all done growing.

I helped Mom make supper because Dad and Mom were outside building a green house. I did the meat loaf and peeling potatoes and keeping the fire going. Jesse came up with his sled and right now we are visiting. I don't know if he is going to stay for supper. He probably is I think.

I read Alise's blog and I hear that Ardene's warehouse is open so I heard. I am going to ask my Mom if we can go there. So excited!!!!!

Kaylee and Reggie

Thursday, March 18, 2010

At Jesse's

We are at Jesse's showering, cleaning, and doing laundry. Today when I got up I let Reggie out for a walk and then came back in just going to have my breakfast. Dad called his Mom on the phone to say happy birthday and then we all said that and then Tyrell and I played Happy Birthday on
the piano and boy I sure can tell you that I was very VERY rusty on it.

Dad asked Grandma if we wanted to play a song for her and she said sure. Tyrell played his nice song and then it was my turn next. I played it and I was a bit rusty also. Dad said to Grandma that I just woke up so I was a bit wonky.

Later on we went to Jesse's place. I am going to cut my bangs that is if I could find some scissors. I did Jesse's dishes and boy was there lots so when he comes home he doesn't have to worry about washing. When I finished I played Halo with Tyrell and that gave me a headache so I stopped.

I played Hockey with Dad while Tyrell went and had a shower. I didn`t know how to play so Dad showed me the remote controls and guess what!!! It turns out that I beat him. 2 to nothing. I did pretty good considering that was my very first time playing it. I don`t want to toot my own horn or anything.

Right now I am watching Tyrell and Dad play hockey.

Kaylee and Reggie.

ps. I am going to go to town tomorrow so don`t get your hopes up to much for me writing. Ha ha talk to you later


Ah today is Wednesday. The weekend goes by so fast. Soon we will start our town days again next week because all you know of me sewing and playing the piano.

Today I got up and had some eggs on toast then got dressed. It was snowing again so we stayed inside and made a fire and I read a book. Its a pretty good book if I say so myself.

We stayed in the cabin for a bit then we did the goats and then we rode the horses. It was so fun but Moniet was being a cow. She would body check me and its so not fun.

I went inside and made a nice hot fire and then made a pot of tea for Mom and Dad. I made them eggs on toast while Mom was on the computer and then I washed the dishes and then watched Corner Gas with Tyrell.

Kaylee and Reggieblog

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Its a Monday and guess what!!!!??? WE GOT OUR GIANT GOAT GAZELLE AND THE BUCK!!!!! 2 of our neighbours came and dropped off our goats. Mom was really happy. The gazelle came and guess what. Inside of our corral she jumped it so she is in the hay yard where we feed our cows and Horses.

By the way, yesterday Wes and Debbie and their children came. We always love it when they come. They dropped of their horses. It was a very nice time with them. Grace wanted to stay outside while the adults went inside of the cabin so I played with Grace. It was so hilarious when I had the kitty Marshmallow she said " I feed kitty" and so then we fed them for a little bit and then fed the goats some bread and some hay.

We went in with the kitty. We don't let the kitties in but it was so nice for Grace. We drew pictures. Grace just went on the bed and she curled up in the blankets and pillows with the kitty, it was so funny we hardly could see her or the cat.

Later on we went for a walk to the dugouts to see if they were full from the runoff. It was a long walk but the day was so warm, it was nice.

Kaylee and Reggie

A Day In The Valley

Its a wonderful day in the valley. It was just splendid... Today when we got up we had eggs on toast.. I looked out the window and it was gloomy, the cabin needed to be cleaned so we tidied up.

Yesterday our neighbor came up with the last of our runaway goats, it was the beast with the horns, Gazelle. Our neighbour tied them to the corral rail with a bowline knot. Mom said she didn't know how to tie a bowline and was embarrassed that she didn't know.

We found a website called "how to tie a bowline knot". It is quite simple. Last night we all got some rope and practiced and practiced it took a few hours but finally we were all tying bowlines. The bowline is called the king of knots.

We timed ourselves. And guess what, I just learned it and I was so fast at it Mom said that I finally beat my old recorded!!! First it was like 10 seconds and then 6 seconds and then 5 and now 4 seconds!!!!That's pretty good because I just learned it last night.

We had some lunch. It was time to tame the goats. We were checking, feeding, and tying them up because the Gazelle and the buck were tangled up together and stuck. We did that for sometime and then we went to the horses. This is where the bowline was put into affect. I tied up Delevaga and Chico and gave them a good brushing, they liked that.

Tyrell picked out their feet and then mom led us around in the field and down to the willow grove. I am wondering if I can set up a jumping place. I would like to have my horse learn to jump. Mom said we can set up a course for the horses. But we don't know who will like to jump.

We rode them and then I walked Reggie. I made a nice fire and we are making some hamburger soup.

Well talk to you later.

Kaylee and Reggie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

End Of Saturday

Its pretty much the end of Saturday. Onward tomorrow. Today I got up and had some breakfast. I had to walk Reggie and he loved it. Have you ever lived on a farm and had a nice inside pet and have no power ( well we do sometimes because we have a generator) and you have to melt snow to wash dishes and stuff well how about Reggie rolling in horse poop or cow poop??? Gross... He did the first time we were here and boy was that sure disgusting.

I didn't have Reggie on his leash so I just let him off freely and I turned my back for a minute and he was out of site!!!! I thought he had taken off to go to the corral where all the poop is. Its a scary feeling when it does happen especially when you don't know where he is.

I played monopoly with Tyrell and we played for a long time!!!! Now we have all hotels on each peace of land. Tyrell was getting broke and kept getting in debt to be even though you has like way more hotels then me.

That's pretty much it besides playing on the computer and stuff... (this is Saturday's post)

Kaylee and Reggie

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes You Need A Good Chuckle...

Sometimes you need a good chuckle... That's when some of your brothers come up for supper and they tell you some funny stories. Today that's what happened and oh some stories were pretty funny. Everyone is talking about spring coming.

In the afternoon Meg, Tyrell, and I went for a walk to the spring. In the summer Jesse made a dugout and water was shooting up. We went to the creek where the spring is to see if the new spring dugout was full.

When we were walking back from the spring the cows and horses were behind us and the dogs and I don't think the cats were with us. When we got back from from the walk the fire went out so Megan put some catalogs on and some news paper and some wood.

You know catalog paper??? Well it doesn't burn really good... When Megan was out in her camper cleaning and Tyrell playing with his dogs, I got the fire started. It was so hard well okay not sooo hard but easy but then hard.

I went on my computer for a bit and then Mom and Dad arrived. They bought lots of groceries and so then we had to find a place for all the stuff. We didn't feel like cooking so Megan told Mom to buy some supper in town.

I cleared off the table for Mom to do her bread and I also finished vacuuming for Tyrell. I got 2 loads of snow and the pot is full to the brim. Later on I cooked some pizza's, bread, and some curly fries.

It was a delicious supper , we hardly have pizza and curly fries, so it was a treat. I think I am going to get ready for bed.

Kaylee and Reggie.

Just us kids

Its just us kids here with Megan. Dad and Mom had to go to town and she left us with our older sister. I finished all my chores she asked me to do and all the schoolwork I have to do is English and Math and then I am all done schoolwork.

It is very windy outside. This morning Megan was telling us how we should buy a kite because its such good weather. Yesterday we had a tiny little snow blizzard. Can you believe it was snowing yesterday!!!???

I am so sore from riding Moniet I don't think I will go riding today.... Lets just see how it goes shall we. Megan is making Banana Cake right now and Tyrell is outside playing with his dogs. This is going to be a very short entry so maybe tonight I will write longer one.

Kaylee and Reggie

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Horseback Riding

Today I went horseback riding with my younger brother Tyrell. We have to lead each other around because we have to introduce ourselves to the horse so that they know us. Mom just bought me a lead rope, a horse halter, a horse picker and a horse gloves. Today it was my very first time picking at a horses foot. It was fun picking at them but it was hard to her feet up because they are so heavy. She kicked me in the shins like 2 or 3 times the last time she did it she knocked me over and landed in cow poop.
Moniet ( the horses name) was running and it felt like I was riding or floating with the wind. I put Reggie in his kennel while I was riding and he did not like it. I was thinking of him putting him in a saddle bag when I go riding. When I came back Dad was putting up a satellite so that we can have Internet. Tyrell and I played monopoly for a very long time and then we decided to go horseback riding again.

Moniet was being weird so we rode her for a little bit and then we went back inside. We bought lots of cheese and plus Megan got some cheese from Jesse's place so we got like 3 blocks of cheese. I grated some up and then Mom took over. Mom made some chip dip and so we had that and it was so good. I am just about going to watch Julie and Julia so tata...

Kaylee and Reggie

(yesterdays post forgot to post it)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Old Banana's Are A Wonderful Excuse To Bake Something Delicious...

Its a wonderful feeling when you add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Today I made some carrot cake. Well I didn`t exactly make carrot cake. I made carrot muffins, that's because we didn`t know where the cake pans are. Since our move we don`t know where anything is. Something important to remember when your moving is, write the name of what is in the box on the SIDE of the box as well as the top because when you stack your boxes you can not read the top, but you can see the side clearly.
First things first is you do the dry ingredients...

Then you whip up your wet ingredients...

Time to peel carrots

Next up is to grate 2 cup carrots...

...a little bit more...

Whipping your wet ingredients..

I`m mushing up the bananas

Pouring the wet ingredients into the dry...

Bon Appetite!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tooth Season?!?!?!?!?

It is tooth season again, once and for all... I lost two teeth, well molars. The names are Upper Right 2 nd Bicuspid and Lower Right 2 nd Bicuspid. When I was watching a movie I had all the time in the world to wiggle and wiggle and pull and tear and out they came. It hurt so bad well okay not soooo bad but it actually didn't hurt as much as it did last time.

I was watching Cheaper By The Dozen, the older version. Its sad at the end, the father has a heart attack and dies. When I was watching the special features I found out there is a sequel to it so I will have to rent it from the Wild Cat Video store.

Today is rest day and you know what that means... Yep complete resting. This morning we tried to sleep in but we woke up at 8 again. Dad went out to feed the cows and the horses while Mom was feeding some hay to the goats while I was walking Reggie. Tyrell walked his dogs and played in the mud puddles.

I made a nice hot fire and put some bread on. I fried it in butter ( Mom has to tell me not to use to much butter because it will make you sick, I on the other hand quote Julia Child " You can never use to much butter.") and served it on a plate.

I made some tea and oh is it ever fun cooking on a wood cook stove. You get some water and put it in a kettle and you let the water boil. You pour the hot boiling water in a tea pot and then you stick a tea bag in there and let it set for oh say 10 seconds. Dad likes strong tea and Mom likes perfect tea ( that means not to weak and not to strong).

Dad wanted some eggs and some leftover meat loaf. I also fried them up in butter. Mom said that she would like some meat loaf also. I served them all up and then we just sat around. I asked Dad if he wanted to play Monopoly and he said yes.

We played that for awhile and then he wanted to go for a nap so then Ty and I were playing. We got restless so I walked Reggie. It was so funny because he is sick or something he like has a cold. Tyrell was out walking his dogs and he goes off and I was standing by Reggie letting him lead. He threw up a huge yellow long string and so I screamed and Tyrell comes running and asks me whats the problem and I showed him and he runs off. Later Reggie had some Diareha "I screamed forTyrell" and came again, and he ran off like last time.

There was Diareha all over his backside and his hair so I got him on the deck and ran in and got some wet ones and wiped him good. I took him inside got some of my perfume and sprayed him good and then washed my hands with lots of lather and fixed my hair.

Well I am thinking of having my delicious homemade chicken barley soup that I made yesterday.

Kaylee and Reggie.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday has come!!!!

Friday has come and I'm happy. Today when I got up I got dressed and walked Reggie outside. I gave him some treats to put him in the kennel to feed the critters. I fed the horses and cows some hay and they loved it. I fed the goats some bagels because Mom fed them hay.

When I got in I had some breakfast. Mom said that I could make some soup because the other day we had some chicken. This is my very first time making soup so lets just see how it is. Mom got a pot full of water and put it on the stove to boil the chicken nourishment out for the broth for the soup.

I strained the chicken broth and oh was the pot heavy.

I picked off the meat that was on the chicken and put it in the pot. And it was so dirty and gross putting your hands in a greasy and slimy chicken and I burnt my hands because it was boiling lots.

I put in some pearl barley and some soup mixes and it is looking pretty good. When I put some spices in, it smelt so good. I stirred it and I added a little bit of this and a little bit there.

Dad and Tyrell got home from town. I was waiting for the soup to cook so I put it on medium and I just sat down. Dad was hungry so I made him some sausages and eggs.

He liked it very much. I made some tea because Mom and Dad wanted to have a chat. I love to serve up tea....especially if there are some special goodies to go with it.

Oh, the snow pot is empty so out I go to find some clean snow, and that is getting more difficult to find as spring is taking it away....It was a good time for a walk with Reggie he loves to get snow with me.

Tyrell is doing dishes with mom and I get to read the Bargan Hunter, our local used items paper. I have to say it was terribly enjoyable to look over the top of the paper and see Tyrell doing the dishes that I had dirtied all that day.

Now Ladies keep on top of your dishes or else you will have the consequence of having to many at one time and you probably don`t have a little brother that will do them all for you when you put your feet up at the end of the day!!!

Kaylee and Reggie.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Continuing Saga

We got back from Jesse’s place ( my brother). Mom and Dad dropped me off at Jesse’s while they were getting the goats. I did the laundry and did his dishes. When Mom and Dad had arrived we got all nice and settled in.

When they got the goats all nice and tied up, I am not so sure they were that happy to be home.They were enjoying travelling the countryside. Well they were taste testing all the neighbours shrubs and apple trees. Why would they be happy about plain old hay?

We arrived home to the cabin late that evening ,with a nice chicken in a pot, we had found in my brothers fridge. I love to be the one to get the cook stove fired up. Tyrell had cut me all the kindling I needed and mom put all my favorite spices on and the wonderful smell of roast chicken filled the cabin a very short time.

I took Reggie for a walk and he loved it. I needed some snow to wash dishes because we don’t want to waste our good drinking water just for washing.

I am watching Corner Gas (its a really good show) and Tyrell is watching Daniel Boone ( it is really really old and corny show) Dad is playing on the computer and guess what!!!! He’s playing Scrabble.

Well, until tomorrow dear friends….good day and just remember girls you don’t have to melt snow to wash your dishes.

Kaylee and Reggie Yorkie Puppu

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oops The Goats Ran Away

Oops the goats ran away... One of our neighbours came to our house and said that the run away goats that had been gone for a week are found. They were eating Wilma's shrubs and she chased them down the road to the next neighbour and the other neighbour saw them. He was able to tackle those wild things and take them to his barn.

Today we had to rush into town to get enough fuel for the truck so we can travel the neighbourhood looking for the other goats, he didn't catch. You can imagine my Dad's disgust at having to humiliate himself.

Tonight you will hear the rest of the saga...

Kaylee and Reggie