Sunday, April 4, 2010

What A Wonderful Suprise!!!

Spring is in the air. The most enjoyable thing about spring is the birth of all the animal babies. Our first birth arrived this morning. Gertrude our Dexter cow had a heifer calf. When the time comes to name our new additions we like to look at the baby and let it tell us. Gert's new baby looked as sweet as a flower so we named her Poppy-Rose.

We heard that Craig,Darcy, and Jesse is coming for a visit and so you know what that means!!!!! I was baking chocolate chip cookies and that took me only 10 minutes so I am doing better. My new goal is being more independent of cooking and cleaning and etc.

When I was done baking them I had Mom to put the cookies on the pan and taking them out onto a plate because I was going to go outside for a nice walk. Craig, Jesse, and Darcy arrived and went inside.

When all the cookies were cooked I put them on the pan and the rest on a rack to cool. It took no time at all for them to all disappear so then I went and loaded it up again and again and again and over and over. When they all left there was only 7 or 8 of them left.

Later in the afternoon some of our neighbours came up and that was very nice to see them. I saw a friend of mine from school and she has changed a lot. We had tea and my cookies that I made around the camp fire.

After they left I stayed around at the camp fire for some time and then we went inside to have some supper... I will talk to you guys later....

Kaylee and Reggie

ps. I am sorry that I have been so late on posts very very busy and tired.