Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tooth Season?!?!?!?!?

It is tooth season again, once and for all... I lost two teeth, well molars. The names are Upper Right 2 nd Bicuspid and Lower Right 2 nd Bicuspid. When I was watching a movie I had all the time in the world to wiggle and wiggle and pull and tear and out they came. It hurt so bad well okay not soooo bad but it actually didn't hurt as much as it did last time.

I was watching Cheaper By The Dozen, the older version. Its sad at the end, the father has a heart attack and dies. When I was watching the special features I found out there is a sequel to it so I will have to rent it from the Wild Cat Video store.

Today is rest day and you know what that means... Yep complete resting. This morning we tried to sleep in but we woke up at 8 again. Dad went out to feed the cows and the horses while Mom was feeding some hay to the goats while I was walking Reggie. Tyrell walked his dogs and played in the mud puddles.

I made a nice hot fire and put some bread on. I fried it in butter ( Mom has to tell me not to use to much butter because it will make you sick, I on the other hand quote Julia Child " You can never use to much butter.") and served it on a plate.

I made some tea and oh is it ever fun cooking on a wood cook stove. You get some water and put it in a kettle and you let the water boil. You pour the hot boiling water in a tea pot and then you stick a tea bag in there and let it set for oh say 10 seconds. Dad likes strong tea and Mom likes perfect tea ( that means not to weak and not to strong).

Dad wanted some eggs and some leftover meat loaf. I also fried them up in butter. Mom said that she would like some meat loaf also. I served them all up and then we just sat around. I asked Dad if he wanted to play Monopoly and he said yes.

We played that for awhile and then he wanted to go for a nap so then Ty and I were playing. We got restless so I walked Reggie. It was so funny because he is sick or something he like has a cold. Tyrell was out walking his dogs and he goes off and I was standing by Reggie letting him lead. He threw up a huge yellow long string and so I screamed and Tyrell comes running and asks me whats the problem and I showed him and he runs off. Later Reggie had some Diareha "I screamed forTyrell" and came again, and he ran off like last time.

There was Diareha all over his backside and his hair so I got him on the deck and ran in and got some wet ones and wiped him good. I took him inside got some of my perfume and sprayed him good and then washed my hands with lots of lather and fixed my hair.

Well I am thinking of having my delicious homemade chicken barley soup that I made yesterday.

Kaylee and Reggie.