Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gotta Love Farm Life

This morning I woke up and had some breakfast. I went on my computer for a litle bit looking at all my blogs that I like to look at. Mom and I are going to do the dishes soon as the water is a bit cooler as it was so hot. Mom looked in the fridge and the water melon was turning a bit off so she cut it in half and gave it to Granny may our goat.

Granny May tried and tried to eat it but didn't turn out as well as we thought. Mom sent me out there to cut it int chunks. Mom put it on a plate so I can put it on the stairs and chop away. By the time I had one chunk off, Granny May made a bowl out of the half!

Here`s the video:

Also as you may have heard the cows in the back ground. I went up to Mallory and she let me touch her! She is never that friendly. We separated her Mom and herself because we want her to be friendly.

Mom fed her the bottle for the first time. Mom had to wrestle her to the ground and put a little halter on her so that we can catch her more easily next time. The halter is a bit to big but she will grow into it.

Here's the video:

Isn't she cute! I think she is.

Here's another video of her:

This is first time doing this so I hope it turns out okay ;)

Kaylee and Reggie***

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something I Forgot To Mention

I totally forgot to mention that I am going to go to a baby sitting course, July 8th 2010. Jody ( who bought our place) is a baby sitter instructor and is going to let me in.

I am not going to get my baby sitting ticket until I'm twelve which is in November. I will be at her place at 6:30 in the morning and we get ready and drive to Fort St. John.

I think the course ends at 3:00 so I will be packing lunch. I can't wait. I have gadgets on my desktop and I have a note pad and I am counting down the days. Right now it is 17 more days.

By the way its almost the end of June!!!!!! 8 more days then it will be July! When you want days to go by fast its slow and when you want days to go slow it goes fast! Its abit hot right now but not to bad.

I am sitting on the couch looking at our island and table. Dirty dishes are on there and bread dough is rising like crazy and crumbs and dirt on the carpet. It is so overwhelming sometimes.

I am going to dry the dishes and Mom is washing. Its Tyrell's turn to do the chickens. We take turns but soon we are going to complain but I sure hope not because I love checking the eggs:)

Well I thought I would do a quick blog post... Will write again:)

Kaylee and Reggie***
PS. I am baking some banana bread.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Wait

Last night around 10 our cow Naomi was having her calf. I was sitting on a bucket waiting. I thought that I could take a video and maybe post it so I went into the house and got my computer.

I was waiting and waiting and waiting and still no calf. Mom said that she was to tired so she and Tyrell went to bed. I stayed out for another half an hour and still no calf.

Her water broke and everything and was still dripping. I put my computer in the cabin and went to bed. I was going to check her every single hour. I fell asleep. This morning Mom asked me if I wanted to come with her and see if Naomi had her calf.

Tyrell and I got up and checked on Naomi. She was missing. Tyrell and I searched the whole pen. At the bottom of the hill there she was laying on some grass and leaves.

We went up to the house and had some breakfast. We were playing horse opoly and then we had to do our chores. I went outside and did the chickens. I checked the eggs and sure enough there was just 1 egg.

For some reason they like to lay eggs in the evening. I gave them some grain. I did my chore list that mom made Tyrell and I. We finished up and then played Horse Opoly.

Dad said that we had to go to Jesse's place to get the water tank and also go to the spring and get some water for the animals. I did some laundry at Jesse`s and went home.

I put the hose in the water tank and it kicks like a mule. Well its somewhat hard to hold it because of the pressure. At the end Tyrell splashed me with water so I got him with the hose and then he got me.

When we got home we were very very wet. Mom and Ty were trying to put a halter on Mallory but she ran away so they have to try again tomorrow. I went with Dad to get another load of water for the garden.

I got a hold of the hose and had to hold her down. I almost got soaked by letting the hose go but I managed some how.When I got home I went inside cleaned abit and played Horse Opoly again with Tyrell.

By the way Dad aid that today is the longest day of the year and the rest of the days are getting shorter. Today I believe is the first day of summer. Which is weird because the rest of the days were so hot and today was gloomy and raining.

I am going to go and make some supper right now so will write again tomorrow well try to anyways...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Trip

Ahhhh back at home. Dad,Tyrell,Grandma,Auntie Joan, and I went to clear dale to see Auntie Cathy,Uncle Wayne and my 5 cousins sing. They did very very well, although we were abit late so we couldn't hear them sing, only just a song.

Shaya and I went to the park for awhile. There are a huge pile of sands 1 huge one for older kids and a small little one for 5 and under, A man throws money in there and you have to search through the sand to find money!

We found a few quarters so I asked Shaya if she wanted a freezes and she said YES. She even showed me where it was! She's a smart girl that one!. We went on the swing. I haven't been on for quite a while until now.

I was wearing a complete white shirt and I had a freezes and I thought I would have spilt on my shirt. Well Shaya tripped when I was in the shade and then red juice came out and just landed on my pants and socks but I don't care its wash and wear!

It was soooo hot out it wasn't even funny.Thank goodness there was nice cold cold freezes. It was time to go so we had a group picture. It was sure nice to see them all again.

The trip was a couple hours. On the way home we decided to take the long way because there is pavement and also no gravel roads! We stopped at a gas station and Darcy came into our vehicle.

I love going on a road trip:) Dad dropped off Darcy so I decided to come with him because I had laundry and dishes to do. Darcy was so thankful for me doing the dishes.

Well I am going to go now

Kaylee and Reggie***

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ice Cream.

I am craving Homemade ice cream very very bad. Emelia had her calf and was missing correct? Well we saw her this morning and she is out in the open now. Mom needed to open up the cow pen but dad tighten up the chain so its very very hard.

We were so close of getting our own ice cream. I am just so tempted going into town and buying some ice cream but I don't think we can though.Speaking of town, we are going to go to Craig and Stephanie's place today.

They are so close to town so I am thinking of asking Mom of getting some ice cream. Mrs. Ford and her children came. We had fun. We were having some brunch and also we played Pictonary. It was very very fun. Although we never finished the game.

Here's some pictures I have been looking at.

Doesn't that look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanilla Ice Cream

2 cups milk
¾ cup sugar
1 tablespoon flour
1/8 teaspoon salt
4 egg yolks, slightly beaten
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups heavy cream or half-and-half

Scald milk in double boiler, gradually add mixture of sugar, flour and salt, and cook 5 minutes, stirring constantly; stir small amount into egg yolks, then return this to mixture in double boiler and cook 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Chill; add vanilla and cream and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm just visiting with my auntie and Grandma. We got home at quarter to 12.Mom,Auntie Joan, and I just went walking. Well looking for Emalia again. Oh I forgot to mention a few days ago we found her and she had a baby heifer.

We tried to figure out what kind of name. First it Daisy but then I asked Mom if we can call her Mallory. Mom said that she loves that name and fits her so her name is Mallory. Emelia and Mallory.

Anyways as I was saying Mom,Auntie,and I were walking and Auntie and I were looking for rose petals. They smell so good:)Grandma,Auntie,and I sleep in the cabin. Auntie said that she wanted the house smell like rose petals.

Everyone went into the truck for a little ride. We were showing around the property. I am thinking of making some banana bread when we have the stove hot.Speaking of hot, it is so hot here. We are all sweating, It is 35 Celsius out here right now.

Mom is baking some breaded bread. It taste so nice. I made it once. It is in my older posts of how to make it. I made some space for the watermelon in the fridge. It was somewhat hard. We have so much junk in there sad to say.

On Sunday we are going to clear dale to drop off Grandma and Auntie. We are going to stay for the singing I think. The Daae's did so well. We had to do actions in some songs. I was Loki after Shaya. I believe she is my 2nd cousin. Its my Dads sisters sons daughter.

We matched! I was wearing a pink shirt and she was wearing a pink dress on. It had the same colours and also same patterns except mine was s shirt and hers was a dress. She was a premature baby so she is pretty tiny.

We are visiting around the table. I am just cooling off. Well trying to. Well that's if for today I think :D

Kaylee and Reggie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Going To Travel!!!

Today I am going to travel to Wembly! YAY! Its about a couple hours from here. We are going to pick up Grandma and also see my cousins ( the daaes)sing at a church.I think we are going to leave in a couple of hours not to sure.

Last night I was playing on my computer and all of a sudden Mom's phone started to ring. I looked and it was a text message, Megan had text me and said that she is going to come home in a few hours.

I told her if I should tell Mom or keep it a surprise. She said that she wants it as a surprise. We went to bed around 11 ish and I talked Mothers ear off till Meg came. When her little quiet vehicle came up the hill Mom started to think.

She went out of the tent and started to walk. When Megan came out we heard screaming,happy,greeting, and also talking. It was so very very late and I had fell asleep.

Debbie,Grace,and Jacob are coming in a couple of hours. I checked the eggs this morning and there were none. I will have to check it in a couple of hours just before I leave.

Tyrell and I made a deal. I check the eggs,do the grain, and do the water one day and he does it the next. Last time Tyrell checked all of our chickens layed eggs. Well we almost got all our chickens in that pen.

There is one chicken that I would like to call Sneaky. She is sneaking out in the bush laying some eggs to hatch. We are soon going to see her and her little baby chicks or chick coming out of the bush.

Yesterday I worked with my horse. He has a habit of nibbling on me when I am leading him. Mom came out with me and helped. She said when he does it you have to pull down on the lead rope hard as you can, but don't delay you have to do it as quick as possible.

I went on him and he did very well. Mom was leading me but I can tell he wanted me off. This is my 3rd time on him. Nobody went on him before. He was kicking his feet just to get me off! It was very very fun riding though.

I don't know what I should wear to Wembly. I think I am going to wear jeans and just a nice plain old shirt with my black high heels that my brother Darcy gave me for my birthday.

I have to say that Reggie is going to stay. He is going to be up set with me like always. My punishment is he sleeping at my feet! That's fine with me but he does warm me up.

Well I think I am going to wrap up my blog entry... I hope you have a pleasant day :)

Kaylee and Reggie***

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Thing Called A Bog

Today I am going to blog about a bog.Mom and I went for a nice walk to look for our chickens that we just got a few days ago. Some of our chickens can jump over the fence.

Mom said that she will show me her bog... I kept asking her what is a bog... Mom never told me until we arrived. Its not far at all. All we have to do is follow the cow trail that they made.

Now I know what a bog is... do you know what a bog is???? Well I will tell you. It is like a garden but filled with nice flowers and peat moss etc.

Guess what Everyone!!!!!!!! A few days ago I mowed the whole lawn and now there are dandy lions up again. Time to cut those so here I go outside mowing the lawn.

Do you know how long it takes me to try and start that old thing! Well it takes me so long because I am to short and not strong enough so usually I get my Mom to come and help me. Today I figured out a new way how to start without any help.

So how do you like my idea?????

Tomorrow my Grandma is coming. We are cleaning,cooking,and working today. It is going to be so much fun with her here. She is going to stay for a few days and then we are going to take her back.

Dad is going to go and get her and us kids are going to stay with Mom. The weather is a bit cloudy and somewhat cold. I have it so hot in here its not even funny. That's because I am baking banana bread.

Well I am going to have some homemade soup for lunch.

Kaylee and Reggie***

Banana Bread

I have a wonderful excuse to cook today. Our Banana's are going bad so I am making banana loaf :) If you are reading this Alise happy 13th birthday my dearest friend/family.

You mix the wet ingredients in a bowl.

1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
3 mashed up banana's.

Mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Add the wet to the dry.

Cream butter and sugar together. Add eggs one at time, beating unil smooth. Blend in mashed bananas. In second bowl, stir flour with baking soda,bakig powder,salt and nuts (optional). Add to banana mixture stirring only to moisten.Transfer to 9x5x3 inch loaf pan. Bake in 350 oven for about 1 hour until inserted toothpick comes clean. Let stand for 10 minutes. Remove from pan and place on cake rack to cool.

Banana chip bread: add 3/4 simi sweet chocolate chips on top after its cooked


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning

It is Sunday Morning and I'm sitting on the couch thinking what to write about. Last night Darcy came up and he was visiting. A HUGE rain cloud hovered over us. We didn`t know if it was going to stay there or going to pass us. Later it passed over us. Although I have to say that it did rain for abit.

Isn`t it wonderful waking up to fried up potato`s sizzilying in oil??? I think its wonderful. Yesterday our cow Emelia is MIA ( missing in action). On Friday we put Chico and Moniet in a pen. Moniet is going to have a baby colt. Chico is my lovely horse that I love. I have been working with him for a couple of days now.

Mom was thinking of putting Emilia in the other pen. Mom asked Dad and he said "No we will do her later". from this day one she regrets it. We think she had her little baby calf.

Mom calls her how she usually does and she comes racing up the mountain, but now she has gone and we don't know where she is.Mom is thinking what happens if she is having trouble calving or if something got the calf.

today is a beautiful day, Sun is shinning and not a single cloud in the sky. There are lots of dishes to be done. Tyrell, Mom, and I are going to take turns going the dishes. I am thinking what should I make after the dishes.

Jesse is working right now with his helper that his boss sent over. He is at the bottom of the road and he is putting fence posts around the land for his boss. I think I'm going to make something very delicious. Any idea's???

I am going to vacuum the floor and also make the bed. I mowed the lawn on Friday and you'll never guess what happened.The next day lots of dandy lions came up so I will have to work on that.

I am going to clean this whole entire house. I am thinking of going for a nice walk with Mom and Ty and maybe Darcy. We are going to look for Emelia again. Granny May's leg is getting better everyday.

I am feeding her some bread,hay, and some nice picked grass. The dogs are jealous. The dogs always gets the bread. Its kinda like a game for them, who can get the most bread!

I`m also going to work with Chico. He is beautiful horse. I will take a picture pretty soon and post it. He i finally done shedding. I personally think that horses look pretty when they are done shedding.

Well I am going to go now

Kaylee and Reggie***

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Call For A Medic

It was a call for a medic this morning. Our old goat ( well she isn't that old but she is abit old) Granny May had broke her leg. Mom checked all the goats this morning and sure enough she found Granny May with a fractured bone.

Dad cut up some splints from his wood. I guess you could say that I was the nurse and Mom was the Doctor. I ran inside to find some good holding tape. I couldn't find any so I was going to ask Dad where some tape was.

Dad had some in his pocket. I ran and got the splints and tape. Dad and I were having a conversation about the situation and Mom in the goat pen was yelling "this is an emergency" I gave the splints and tape to Mom so that she could put them on each side of the leg and the tape will hold them together. The first set of splints were to short and they weren't wide enough.

Mom said that I had to ask Dad to double the size and make it wider. The request was promptly explained to dad, as I was running back and forth back and forth to Mom and Dad. We finished the leg and it looked very nice. She is able to walk on it but she's limping.

I did all the dishes this morning with abit of help from Mom. She dried a few dishes while Jesse came up and grabbed the case of water that we had bought yesterday.
Today I am making Brownies. The Dynna boys are known to eat them ALOT, and fast.

I am going to hide a few so that I can save them for company or later after the boys are gone.

In the pot on the stove,
2 cups sugar
1 cup butter
1 cup baking Coco
Beat the eggs with vanilla and add flour separately

Grease and flour the pan.

Put the Batter into the Greased and floured pan!

Into the oven it goes!

I am also making some sandwiches for my brothers and dad... Jesse is fencing and I will be delivering their lunch to them.

1 1/3 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup butter
1 cup baking co co
4 eggs beaten
2 cups sgar
1 1/2 teaspoon vanila extract

1 teaspoon vanila
2 cups icing sugar
6 table spoons baking co co
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cups chopped nuts (optional)

In a pot, melt the butter, remove and add baking co co, blend in eggs and sugar and extracts. Stir in flour mixture pour into greased floured pan. 13 inch pan. Bake at 350 degree's. Blend icing and spread on hot brownies. Sprinkle with nuts (optional) after cooled... Happy eating :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Starting My Morning Routine

I am just starting my morning routine.I am just waiting for Tyrell to get some flour out of the shed. My plans for today are brushing my teeth, (because I forgot to brush them last night)doing a blog post, (which I am doing right now) baking buns, doing the dishes, and vacuuming.

Yesterday Debbie,Alise,Grace, and Jacob came up. Jacob is getting cuter everyday. I went and set up the table for some tea. I put out a perfect cup for little Gracie, because she always keeps asking us for a sip.

Alise and I were visiting for a bit. We played with my Moms phone. Which by the way is NEW! I think its called a chocolate phone. Doesn't that sound good? I don't know why they call it a chocolate phone. It slides and you text with the keys. Its like a tiny key board and works a lot easier.

Alise and I went outside and played Sims. We went to the generator and got an extension cord so I can charge my computer before it dies. We played for abit. Alise had to go and so we said good bye.

Oh the reason why they came was for their dog Blue to stay with us. Blue is going is going to have so much fun today. Mom is planning for him to chase the cows into a meadow or in a corral or something like that.

Reggie and Blue just love each other. Marshmallow ( my cat) doesn't like Blue at all. Marshmallow clasps his mouth to Blue`s fur and immediately Blue submits. Have you ever heard of a dog submitting to a cat???? I never in my life until now.

I was thinking of baking something with banana's... Maybe a banana loaf... I will ask Mom. I sure hope the weather will be nice today because it looks like its going to rain.

Well I should go and start my routine... I will have to ask Tyrell to do the flour or else there will be no buns. It works all the time, because its true without flour no buns

Kaylee and Reggie***

Monday, June 7, 2010

Back Home

I am back home again. I think its kinda strange it has been a week! I have enjoyed being with Alise. We had water fights well with the hose and we played sims on our computer.

On Saturday we went to FSJ because Alise won a free pair of jeans from 8 Seconds.We went to Debbie's Dads house and had some delicous lunch. Sharlene made some filopino soup and it was so good.

We went to her brothers and asked if he is going to go to the fair. He just said he might he might not. We went to the fair and all as I can tell you there was loud music and kids screaming from the rides.

I took Grace on a little train because I was the smallest one there to take her.She loved it. Alise and I went on the tornado. There are 4 seats in the middle and they is a circle steering wheel I guess you could say.

You have to spin it and then you go in a circle and then the rides start up and you go around in the seat and also go around the the fence they have. I only spun the wheel for 5 seconds then started to feel sick.

Alise and I also went on the space ship that spins really really fast.You lay down on this board that goes up and down. The space ship goes really really fast so you can't really move any of your body parts.

You were megnatic to it because of the gravity. Your head feels so heavey and your arms feel like they are tied to something very very heavey. When the ride stops you feel so weird inside.

when we were leaving Debbie's brother fianlly came. On the way home the road was so bumpy well it didn't have bumps it had holes in the ground and we were bouncing up and down all the way home until we hit the high way.

Anyways I am going to finish up the dishes and start my vacuuming.

Kaylee and Reggie ***

Friday, June 4, 2010


Alise and I are camping... Well I like to call it that. Jacob has a fever and is teething. We are in the camper sleeping well like I said I like to call it camping.Today Alise and I painted the stone boat but we never had enough time to paint the tack shed.

This morning was a beautiful day!!! Sun was shining and a little bit of clouds were covering the sun for 5 minutes then out came the sun. Alise and I were sun tanning. I am turning darker every single time I am in the sun. Alise keeps getting burned. I wonder what it feels like to be burnt. No matter how long I am in the sun I keep getting darker. I just want a little bit of a sun burn.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Fort St. John for a bit and we are also going to visit Debbie's brother..Yesterday Grace was in the dog house and went to get her. I saw that Mia ( Alise's beloved cat) was going to give birth. I told Alise and she got excited.

A few hours later she had 3 kitties. We couldn't believe it she just had 3 kitties because she was so fat. Alise said that tomorrow or maybe in the middle of the night she will give birth to more because she said that her friend had it happen or something like that.

It turned out that she was right because now she has 6 baby kitties. They are so cute right now. They are grey and I think 1 is black. We also think that her other cat is pregnant too :)

We usually go in the trailer when all the kids are sleeping and we get to relax and wait till tomorrow arrives. Yesterday or I think they day before Alise curled my hair while we were watching a movie. Anyways have a good night!

Kaylee and Reggie***

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