Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day In The Valley

Its a wonderful day in the valley. It was just splendid... Today when we got up we had eggs on toast.. I looked out the window and it was gloomy, the cabin needed to be cleaned so we tidied up.

Yesterday our neighbor came up with the last of our runaway goats, it was the beast with the horns, Gazelle. Our neighbour tied them to the corral rail with a bowline knot. Mom said she didn't know how to tie a bowline and was embarrassed that she didn't know.

We found a website called "how to tie a bowline knot". It is quite simple. Last night we all got some rope and practiced and practiced it took a few hours but finally we were all tying bowlines. The bowline is called the king of knots.

We timed ourselves. And guess what, I just learned it and I was so fast at it Mom said that I finally beat my old recorded!!! First it was like 10 seconds and then 6 seconds and then 5 and now 4 seconds!!!!That's pretty good because I just learned it last night.

We had some lunch. It was time to tame the goats. We were checking, feeding, and tying them up because the Gazelle and the buck were tangled up together and stuck. We did that for sometime and then we went to the horses. This is where the bowline was put into affect. I tied up Delevaga and Chico and gave them a good brushing, they liked that.

Tyrell picked out their feet and then mom led us around in the field and down to the willow grove. I am wondering if I can set up a jumping place. I would like to have my horse learn to jump. Mom said we can set up a course for the horses. But we don't know who will like to jump.

We rode them and then I walked Reggie. I made a nice fire and we are making some hamburger soup.

Well talk to you later.

Kaylee and Reggie

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