Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Average Day

Well lets see here.... In the afternoon Dad and I went to town... I guess you could call it a " Father/Daughter Day". We had to pick up the weed eater that we dropped off to get fixed, turned out that it was toasted so we had to buy a new one.

I went to The Health Food Store and bought a few snacks for the family, And I also bought a couple of juice. One bottle for Jesse that has no sugar and only has Grape Juice.

And the other is a Soda Pop which is a glass one that I can use for Swiss Mocha because the one that I'm using is just a plastic bottle that shrivel up into a ball... Swiss Mocha and Romeo are getting big.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Tuesday Part 2

I know this is wordless Tuesday post but I thought I would do a couple sentences. I just arrived home yesterday night. Megan picked me up. I will be doing lots of blogging this week. Well I will try to anyways.

Our other 2 cats, Smirkie and Marshmellow

Here's some pics of the new goats, Romeo and Swiss Mocha. Swiss mocha. They are pretty much Identical twins!!

The first one is Romeo and the second one is swiss mocha.

I was frying up some nice crispy potatos on the bbq.

Dad and Tyrell were working on the saw mill

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Days

I am soooo sorry that I didn't do a blog post this week. I was meaning but didn't get around doing it. I am at Alises right now for the weekend... Well I am going to stay here for abit... I arrived here Wednesday and get to stay for a week I think.

A couple days ago I painted the green house with Debbie while Alise looked after the baby. We went walking yesterday after supper and I would say we walked down the road and back in about an hour... Not to sure how far it was.

Last night when we were locking her chickens in her pen she had me close the gate and window while she was watering their dishes. When I was about to close the door she squirted me!!!!

Can you imagine that! Your own friend squirting you on purpose. When I was coming out she accidental pushed the handle bar and got water on my hair and then I had to run to the house just in case she would do that again!

Before I left my house Tyrell's goat Virgina gave birth to a boy and a girl. They girl was mine and of course she looked like coffee so I named her Swiss Mocha and Tyrell got to keep the boy and he named it Romeo. Yup just like "Romeo oh Romeo where art though Romeo".

A couple days just after she was born we had to pull her because we want her to be very friendly and a milk able goat. Mom and I milked Virgina for food so that we can bottle feed Swiss Mocha. I will up load some pictures when I download the pics onto my computer.

She just loves me alright. She though I was the Mom in about 1 hour. It is soo cute because when I am finished feeding her I got out of the pen then she starts to cry and cry and tries to jump out.

One day she got lucky, she figured out how to jump out of the pen so we had to close the gate instead of having a piece of ply wood by the two poles. She got out with me not knowing and just followed me around.

Finally I noticed and it is so funny. She is always following me around the yard. With me not there she will think that Mom will be the Mom. I can't wait till I get to see her.

Anyways I hope you had a good weekend:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Camp Ground

The gravel that Jesse brought up for us is now completely done.

Doesn't that look over whelming, considering we only have rakes to spread it.

While working I cooked rice on the BBQ


Now you probably think that is pearl barley. Well its rice. Brown Rice. Its really good with lots of butter and lots of soy sauce.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 2

Its day 2 babysitting again...I am just waiting to be picked up then I can start the job again. Yesterday went really good. Well considering the ages 3 and 5!!!! YUP you guessed quite right!!!

"Kaylee he pushed me, well she pinched me". Back and forth so of course I just had to separate them. I know its summer holidays but I did bring some easy schoolwork for them.

I brought art supplies and coloring books and a bit of work sheets. They loved doing it. I made them some lunch and they had to go lay down because they woke up really really early.

I cleaned up the living room aka THE KIDS PLAY ROOM. I went and told them its time for them to come out of their bedroom. I told them that we were going to do the dishes. I wash and dry and Morgan can put them away.

Katie's chore was just putting the silverware away. We also went for a nice long bike ride. We even had a little tea party!!! Well instead of using tea we used water... So really it was a water party.

When things got to boring for them I told them they could watch a movie in the basement while I sweep the floor. After the movie it was time for me to go home. It was around their bedtime and they were sooo sleepy on the way home they slept.

It is really hot out again and we have the cook stove going. It has to be to 300 degree's in order to cook the bread mom is making. Its going to be hotter than outside in 10 more minutes so I better enjoy it.

Reggie and Justice are now best friends. Well Justice isn't aloud it the house and Reggie is. Mom put his kennel on the deck so thats his safe house. He likes it really really fluffy so he refuses to sleep in there.

He sleeps either on the ground or on the steps so when ever we see him sleeping on either one of them we have to pick him up and put him in his kennel. Now what we did is we put Reggie's nice soft blanket in there.

Justice thinks its alright. Now that Reggie saw that his blanket in JUSTICE'S kennel he thinks that its his. So now they are either sharing or kicking each other out right now.

Talk to you later:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Its about 1 hour before I leave to go babysitting down at the neighbours. There is 2 kids and the ages are : 5 and 3. I am babysitting today and tomorrow. They are so fun to babysit.

I am going to bring some fun things like a chore list and stickers etc. I am going o be babysitting to 9 am till 3 pm. Reggie and Justice are getting along quite fine. Although I will have to say one causes trouble with the other.

Yesterday when I went bike riding, Justice keeps going to my wheels so I have to stop and then he whines ( and I mean whines.. picture a high pitch squeal. He and Reggie have the sqeal) so than I pick him up in my arms riding.

He thinks its so fun. Our Gardan is doing fairly well considering our goats have been eating freely and the dogs PLAYING and rolling in it. Mom and I weeded a section of lettece.

The carrets are sooo close of being ready it isn`t really funny. We have soo much carrets in one section we have to pick some for the others to grow. Thats our news for today:)

Monday, July 12, 2010


I would like to present you.....................Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is so very very cute and smooth. Reggie just loves him. He is already attached to us and loves us.

When I first saw him he started to get abit scared but than came very friendly to me.

Tyrell cuddled Justice to sleep it was sooo cute.

Tyrell and I did Jiffy popcorn. I did take a video of it but for some reason it won't let me download it on to here... I think its abit to long.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How To Make A Cherry Pitter

This works great! Its Cherry season I think and I thought I would share this with you :)Mom tried it today and she loves it!

Milk Bath Anyone????

Mom and I were milking to day. The flies were very very bad. For some reason they just love flying around the milk. She just loves to pick up her feet to shoo the flies away.

"Watch out Kaylee" COWZILLA IS ON THE LOOSE!!!! She knocked me over and I was trying to protect the milk because we were going to give it to Debbie, I managed to save most of the milk but as I landed on my backside I held the bucket in one hand and only a small amount sloshed onto me.

The bucket I was sitting on ended up in front of me with milk on it also. Hair, clothes, me you name it. It was so gross. I had to wash my self with a cloth in the outdoor kitchen. I was thinking of going to the dugout and having a mud bath.

Mud or milk, what is worse?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well as you may see I have returned to the world of blogging. Last week I bought a camera!!! Yup you read it right. That means more pictures and videos!. Also Mom and Dad bought Tyrell and I a little tent.

It is so tiny I can't even stand up in there! Reggie just loves it.

When we went to town, Reggie,Blue, and Shiloh stayed in the kennel for sometime. Less than 5 hours. So you can imagine they are hipper when they come out. Don't they look so happy to be released from JAIL!

Also here's the pics I promised of Tyrell and I riding the cow.

On the way over there Poppy Rose, Mallory, and Emelia were just by the dugout.


Gertrude is my Grandpa's cow that he had bought for us.

Well I should go and figure out what to have for breakfast.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I was out on the deck chatting with Mom, all of a sudden there were some birds that were screaming, they made a birds nest under our roof and were screaming and flying all crazy like, all the time.

Mom and I looked and there was our cat, Marshmellow, eyeballing them. The parents were protecting their young baby birds.I thought it was so cute and funny at the same time.

Have you ever heard of riding a cow all the way home???? Tyrell and I were sent off to do a mission.

Noami never came up to be milked. Tyrell and I had to get her on a lead rope and haul her over to the milking area. We went to the field and searched. Finally we saw her at the bottom of the hill.

Tyrell said to me that he never ever rode a cow and wanted to. I put my hand on his foot and raised him up so that he`s on the cow. I thought it was so funny, riding a milk cow home.

Mom and I milked and I milked 1 gallon in 30 minutes. Mom milked about a gallon and a half.I am going to make some butter today again. We have so much cream,milk, and butter. Anyone want some???

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Last night Jesse came up and had a huge surprise for Mom and Dad. He had his huge dump truck with nice soft gravel. Mom was so happy.We are going to spread it around our camp site.

Jesse came up this morning with his truck. He said that the gravel was in his parking spot. So he just went up there with his truck and all!

Mom wanted me to take a picture of it. Isn't that a boy thing to do.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mom Broke The Butter Churn So...

I was actually quite excited when the butter churn broke because I have been begging Mom to make it the old fashioned way. " Mom if we do it the old fashioned way we don't have to turn on the generator".

So today I made butter for the first time by hand.It took me 15 minutes to do.

Here's the first step: You skim off all the cream from the milk. Put it in jar with a secured lid.

Continually shake it until the butter milk separates from the butter.

Step 2: Poor the butter milk off. Put the butter in the bowl and add nice cold water to it.

Step 3: Wash the butter by pressing the cold water through. You can use your fingers or a wooden spoon.

Step 4 : Add a bit of salt, mix smooth then put it in the fridge and your good to go:)

ps. I forgot t mention the reason we are milking niamo is that she lost her twin calves. She was to old to push them out. It was a girl and a boy. We had to pull the calves out.