Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday has come!!!!

Friday has come and I'm happy. Today when I got up I got dressed and walked Reggie outside. I gave him some treats to put him in the kennel to feed the critters. I fed the horses and cows some hay and they loved it. I fed the goats some bagels because Mom fed them hay.

When I got in I had some breakfast. Mom said that I could make some soup because the other day we had some chicken. This is my very first time making soup so lets just see how it is. Mom got a pot full of water and put it on the stove to boil the chicken nourishment out for the broth for the soup.

I strained the chicken broth and oh was the pot heavy.

I picked off the meat that was on the chicken and put it in the pot. And it was so dirty and gross putting your hands in a greasy and slimy chicken and I burnt my hands because it was boiling lots.

I put in some pearl barley and some soup mixes and it is looking pretty good. When I put some spices in, it smelt so good. I stirred it and I added a little bit of this and a little bit there.

Dad and Tyrell got home from town. I was waiting for the soup to cook so I put it on medium and I just sat down. Dad was hungry so I made him some sausages and eggs.

He liked it very much. I made some tea because Mom and Dad wanted to have a chat. I love to serve up tea....especially if there are some special goodies to go with it.

Oh, the snow pot is empty so out I go to find some clean snow, and that is getting more difficult to find as spring is taking it away....It was a good time for a walk with Reggie he loves to get snow with me.

Tyrell is doing dishes with mom and I get to read the Bargan Hunter, our local used items paper. I have to say it was terribly enjoyable to look over the top of the paper and see Tyrell doing the dishes that I had dirtied all that day.

Now Ladies keep on top of your dishes or else you will have the consequence of having to many at one time and you probably don`t have a little brother that will do them all for you when you put your feet up at the end of the day!!!

Kaylee and Reggie.

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