Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peaceful Saturday

Its was a peaceful Saturday as I am sitting her wondering what happened to the day. I will tell you all about my day today. Reggie and I are sitting nice and cozy by the nice hot fire I made today. I wonder how come dogs are so tired when they really don't do anything.

Tyrell's dogs " Shiloh and Caleb" always bites each other and wrestles its so funny to watch. And Caleb is just a puppy. When we have a camp fire Caleb comes and tries to bite the sparks. It is so funny its like a kid with bubbles but this time its a dog with sparks.

This morning we kinda cleaned up a little because Uncle Marv might be coming. Dad went on the Internet and found out that we can watch movies online. On CBC we can watch it there. We watched Heart land and it was nice. I haven't watched it for a very long time. An episode is an hour and we watched 2 episodes.

Later I went outside and rode my bike. In fact I have something to tell you. My old bike didn't work as well anymore the brake is broken at the back and I don't have working brakes and my seats chewed and there is so much I can tell but my fingers don't really want to type. I am forcing them to type.

Uncle Marv,Mic ( his grandchild) and Jesse came and it was so nice to see them again. We had some tea and some cookies. We went for a walk down to the spring and me,Jesse, and Mic walked together and the rest walked behind us.

We arrived back home and I made a fire again. A few hours went by again and I made some hot dogs and some smokies filled with cheese. Right now Jesse, Uncle, mic and Darcy left and right now I am sitting here going to watch the Walton's.

Kaylee and Reggie***