Thursday, March 18, 2010

At Jesse's

We are at Jesse's showering, cleaning, and doing laundry. Today when I got up I let Reggie out for a walk and then came back in just going to have my breakfast. Dad called his Mom on the phone to say happy birthday and then we all said that and then Tyrell and I played Happy Birthday on
the piano and boy I sure can tell you that I was very VERY rusty on it.

Dad asked Grandma if we wanted to play a song for her and she said sure. Tyrell played his nice song and then it was my turn next. I played it and I was a bit rusty also. Dad said to Grandma that I just woke up so I was a bit wonky.

Later on we went to Jesse's place. I am going to cut my bangs that is if I could find some scissors. I did Jesse's dishes and boy was there lots so when he comes home he doesn't have to worry about washing. When I finished I played Halo with Tyrell and that gave me a headache so I stopped.

I played Hockey with Dad while Tyrell went and had a shower. I didn`t know how to play so Dad showed me the remote controls and guess what!!! It turns out that I beat him. 2 to nothing. I did pretty good considering that was my very first time playing it. I don`t want to toot my own horn or anything.

Right now I am watching Tyrell and Dad play hockey.

Kaylee and Reggie.

ps. I am going to go to town tomorrow so don`t get your hopes up to much for me writing. Ha ha talk to you later


Ah today is Wednesday. The weekend goes by so fast. Soon we will start our town days again next week because all you know of me sewing and playing the piano.

Today I got up and had some eggs on toast then got dressed. It was snowing again so we stayed inside and made a fire and I read a book. Its a pretty good book if I say so myself.

We stayed in the cabin for a bit then we did the goats and then we rode the horses. It was so fun but Moniet was being a cow. She would body check me and its so not fun.

I went inside and made a nice hot fire and then made a pot of tea for Mom and Dad. I made them eggs on toast while Mom was on the computer and then I washed the dishes and then watched Corner Gas with Tyrell.

Kaylee and Reggieblog