Friday, July 2, 2010

Mom Broke The Butter Churn So...

I was actually quite excited when the butter churn broke because I have been begging Mom to make it the old fashioned way. " Mom if we do it the old fashioned way we don't have to turn on the generator".

So today I made butter for the first time by hand.It took me 15 minutes to do.

Here's the first step: You skim off all the cream from the milk. Put it in jar with a secured lid.

Continually shake it until the butter milk separates from the butter.

Step 2: Poor the butter milk off. Put the butter in the bowl and add nice cold water to it.

Step 3: Wash the butter by pressing the cold water through. You can use your fingers or a wooden spoon.

Step 4 : Add a bit of salt, mix smooth then put it in the fridge and your good to go:)

ps. I forgot t mention the reason we are milking niamo is that she lost her twin calves. She was to old to push them out. It was a girl and a boy. We had to pull the calves out.