Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Starting My Friday Cleaning...

I am soon going to start my friday cleaning as soon as I have some breakfast. In order to have some breakfast you have to start the fire. Tyrell was cutting kindling and he never brought some back so I am waiting on that.

Yesterday I cleaned this whole house and I am planning on doing it again today. There is so much to be done here of spring cleaning. Mom is painting away and Megan is cleaning up the yard and the campground. Dad is building and I well I stay inside do housework and schoolwork.

Tyrell sometimes helps me do the dishe but most of the time he high tails it out of here so fast. I am going to bake some bread. Challah bread that the boys love. Every Friday night we make Challah bread. We braid it and then butter a non stick pan and then put it in the oven for us its a stove.

Well this is a very very short post I know but I promise I will a BIG post one of these days...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Day Didn't Go As We Have Planned

Well the day didn't go as well as we have planned.We were going to go to town as usual but it had rained all night. The road was all muddy when we woke up. Dad didn`t want to go so we stayed home. We were going to take Alise but didn`t turn out. Oh well the day turned out as it was supposed to be.

This morning Ty and I did the dishes. This time he washed and I dried and put it away.I went outside to feed the critters. I went all the way to the horse trailer (that's where we feed them because the dogs like to steal their food) to get their bowls. Well I have a bucket then I dish it to the dishes. So then I went and filled the bucket and when I was heading towards the horse trailer, the horses started to follow me in.

I went inside the pen because that's where the horse trailer is. When I served up the cats they just love me to pieces. When I was heading home the horses started to follow me behind. Sago and Delavaga and Reggie. I fed them some grass then headed in .We did some schoolwork and cleaned up with Dad. I cleaned up the bathroom and Mom and Meg were just puttering around the kitchen.

Well I am going to go so talk to you later...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I went to the dentist to get a check up and to see if we need braces. And all as I can tell you it was so not fun... Tyrell wanted to go first so I let him. I think he wanted to get it over done with. Time passed and so then it was my turn.

My teeth were in excellent shape.We didn't need braces. They took an x-ray and no cavities. Although I was so relieved because the night before I was worrying about them having fillings or having caps. When she was polishing my teeth she saw that I had a wiggly tooth.

I told her that it has been wiggly for a very very long time and I couldn't get it out. They had to take another x-ray on my my tooth because they wanted to know why it couldn't come out. And sure enough my long long root was wrapped around my adult tooth.

So Dr. Sevier gave me 4 needles to have my whole face was numb. It hurt so much I wanted to cry. The assistant was closing her eyes and she held my hand. Instead of me squeezing her hand she squeezed mine.

He pulled my tooth out and by the time it was done my whole side of my face was so numb. It was even numb on my nose. I lost all my teeth well baby teeth. Lets just hope when I get older I don't have to get a tooth pulled or anything...

I read a book while Mom and Meg went grocery shopping. My mouth was in to much pain because of my mouth was punctured with so many needle wholes. We arrived at home and we cleaned up and had some lunch well supper.

Mom had bought us kids and including Megan some itchy band. It was so good. And she also bought the chinese noodles. We are going to cook that up with some stir fry. I just finished up drying the dishes and sitting on the couch with Reggie...

Talk to you later

Kaylee and Reggie***

Friday, April 16, 2010

What A Wonderful Saturday

What a wonderful Saturday I could have asked for...

Today we were having our breakfast outside instead inside because who wants to make a nice hot fire inside when its a beautiful day.Megan my sister wanted some birds around the campfire and ground and so then she pout lots of bird feed around the tree;s. We made some eggs on toast and some left over food from last night.

Well guess what Megan got her birds around the camp fire. So much so the birds were pooping on everyone. Even Reggie my Dog!!! Our neighbours came up for a get together and that was really nice to see them. We went for a bike ride and then we had a look at Gracie`s Pond.

The boys were throwing rocks near the water where we were and we got all wet. Later we had a hot dog roast and that was fun I couldn`t finish my hot dog so I set it aside. We all played some soccer and I was on Logan's team and so with Tyrel and the twin girls. We were against Tyrell and Shane.

Guess what!!! bird pooped on me when I was sitting on the chair near the fire and then all of a sudden it pooped on me and of coarse I freaked out for you who know me you can picture me screaming. Later in the evening the birds pooped on my zipper shirts and oh was that so disgusting and it was soo close to my face.

Later I roasted up a nice hot dog and I ate it and I was soo close of done and right when I was going to chomp down and it landed right on my hot dog and on my hand. I freaked out again like usual. Tyrell and the boys were laughing at me so hard, me on the other hand was so grossed out.

Well Megan,Darcy and I went down the mountain well hardly for some reason I didn't have the energy.Well I am going to go to bed pretty soon...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long Day

It has been a very long day...

Today, Ty and I was supposed to wash dishes but instead he high tailed it so I was washing,drying, and putting the dishes away. Mom said that I could watch Heartland while I was washing dishes. I love watching Heartland. It is kinda a farm/ ranch movie. It is to hard to explain.

Later I heard out that I was going to go to town with Dad. Yup that's right another day in town. It was alright with me but I wanted to go and I wanted to stay. After lunch we headed out for town.

We arrived in town and we went to get a nice cool drink. It was defiantly spring today because it was +22 and oh was it HOT. We went and got some parts for the farm. For some reason that took a very long time.

I asked Dad if I Could go to the Dollar Store and he said yes. I asked him f he wanted a Popsicle or a fudgical. He wanted a fudgical and I wanted just something nice and cool. They didn't sell fudgical so I b ought a chocolate bar or what ever its called.

Dad thought it was sweet. He said it was abit to sweet so then he bought a bottle of water to drink it down. Mine was really good. It was kinda a mistake because we were just going to go grocery shopping but I had blue /white/red lips.

So I cleaned well tried to clean it off. I cleaned off some of it but not all. We bought some pizza's because we were going to go to Jesse's place to see the hockey game. I believe Vancouver Cunucks Vs. Los Angela's Kings.

We went grocery shopping and guess what! We forgot the list in the truck so we had to think on top of our heads. We got everything right. We had everything on the list, and alot more. You know how it is you see it you want it.

We arrived at Jesse's and I heated up the pizza's. I cleaned up alittle and I was going to do the dishes but no hot water. I did some laundry and Darcy asked me to do his laundry so I did. Jesse took some laundry that was in the wash and put it in a basket water and all!!!

Darcy and I cleaned and mopped the water up and I told Jesse and all he could do is just smirk and laugh. I folded up Darcy's laundry and I put it on the dryer for him. Right now I am just waiting for the dryer and washer to be done.

Kaylee and Reggie***

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Is Wednesday Again

It is Wednesday again and you know what that means. Yup long town day. I am at Jesse's with my Dad and my brother... I will write about what happened today...

I woke up by a sudden noise. Megan woke us up and we got ready. We left home around 8:00 oclock. We went down the bumpy road. Bumpady bump down we go to go to town. We arrived in town and our piano lessons are at 9:30 and so then we had to kill half an hour.

It was my turn to go to piano lessons so I went in and logged in in the office. In the office there are basically no pens. When I always go there I have to ask for a pen, so I went and bought some pens for them last week. I gave her the pens and she was so thankful she laughed and laughed about what I gave her.

She replied to me " HAHA thanks so funny, I will save it in my office drawer so that when we are COMPLETELY out of pens I will go and look there". Laurel ( my piano teacher) said that I did very very well. I am in grade 3 piano now and the highest level is grade 10 piano.

We went swimming for awhile from 11:00 to 1:00. My eyes are always irritated from swimming for some reason. I cannot hardly stand chlorine but I do like the smell of bleach. We went grocery shopping and we went to the mall...

NEWS ALERT: ALISE AND WHOEVER IS READING THIS, ARDENES IS GOING TO BE OPEN SOON. ALL THE CLOTHES ARE OUT ON THE RACK AND STUFF. I went to sewing and soon very very soon I will be done my pink summery hat. I will take a picture of me wearing it when I completed it.
Next project in sewing I will be making spring/summer/ dress and it is going to be kinda like an empire dress. I can't wait till I can be done it and be wearing it all over. Well I will be bringing it on sleepovers...

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT MOM JUST DID... SHE MADE A DENTIST APPOINTMENT ON THE 26TH IN APRIL. Just to have a check up and to see if we need braces. I personally don`t think I need braces but Mom said that she has a feeling that I do because she said that my teeth fang out.

We went home well to Jesse's because Dad is at Jesse's and Mom needed to put some bread and bagels in the freezers. Mom and Megan left for home and Tyrell and I stayed here with Dad... Nothing much besides doing laundry and cooking well I just heated up some pizza and curly fries in the oven... Signing out...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air. Sun is shining, birds singing, and snow is melting well there is no snow here,but other places will probably be melting.

I am waiting for the water to cool so that I can wash dishes. This morning Brian Halliday stopped by to have a chat. He is working on the hoe down the road so that the road is better. Meg and Dad are working on a outhouse and guess what!!!! It is going to be finished today!!!!

I took some pictures of it being built so that my Granny can see and we can always look back in the past. Today we did some schoolwork 10 to 12. Later in the evening we have to do more schoolwork because who would like to be all cooped up on a day like this... I know I wouldn't although I am but on well..

I did 4 and a half pages in science. I have papers stapled together and I am 3rd way done of step 1. Step one is for April and I am soon going to go onto May's Science. Tonight I will work on with my Social Studies ( which is also like science papers printed and stapled) and maybe some English.

I just got back from riding my bike to the driveway and went into the mill yard to go to the trailer to see if the cats were out of food. Yep they were so then I went all the way back to the house, went into the shed and got some cat food. I just saw Marshmallow on the way and he was basically telling me he was out of food. I am always a step ahead of them.

My plan for today is to vacuum, wash dishes, dry dishes, put the dry dishes away, clear off the table, clear off the Island, and clean up the bench by the door way. I got a letter from Sweden for my sweet dear friend Hanna. Hanna is alot older then me but age doesn't matter is matters of how sweet and nice she is. Every summer she always comes to Canada to visit us and also see her sister.

I will get onto my stuff for today...

Kaylee and Reggie***

ps. Soon very Soon my blog posts will be a bit longer so just have Patience with me...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Schoowork time

It is schoolwork time today and we didn`t get ALOT accomplished but we accomplished a bit. This morning Mom and Megan went to town so us kids were left with Dad. Our neighbour Bob Demidoff came for a morning visit. We are filled with neighbours down here. Sometimes we get visits.

Tyrell and I did some schoolwork. I lost my science and my social studies. It is a printed papers with questions. And you would think living a small cabin you wouldn`t clean up as much and loosing stuff. Well guess not because that seems like we do dishes almost every other day.

I focused on some math and I needed Dad`s help to help me do long division. I like math but I have trouble sometimes with it. Later on Dad left and went outside to do the cows and doing farm stuff.

Later on I found my social studies and my science and some other book I lost apparently. Tyrell and I decided to surprise Mom by making the bed,clearing off the table, doing dishes,vacuuming and clearing off the island.

I just finished up vacuuming and right now I am done washing a load of dishes and now on the other part of the dishes. It is so clean in here I don`t want to even have a speck of dust in here. Yesterday you heard there was a party so there is lots of dishes. Although for eating cake and pie we used paper plates.

Well on to the next batch of dishes...

Kaylee and Reggie

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Party

It is Stephanie's Birthday Party today. I just finished up cleaning and baking. I baked some chocolate chip cookies because the last batch was all gone. It was the world record. In the Dynna house its usually all our treats vanish with the Dynna Men. The last batch I made lasted for 2 days or 3 I can't remember. I baked a cake with Mom ( it is a packaged one).

I just went outside to pin the table cloth on the table and put the clips on so that the table cloth doesn't fly away! Mom made a nice hot soup last night and I believe it is called Hamburger and Pearl Barley soup. It is going to be a nice soup. It is a mix, there is vegetables,rice,hamburger, and rice soup. A pretty long name if you ask me.

Debbie and her children, uncle Marvin, Mike,Jesse,Darcy,Craig, and Stephanie are coming to the birthday party and it is going to be a huge one since we are in this tiny cabin. Although I do believe that you have a choice of eating outside and eating inside. I prefer eating inside because I am such an inside person and my job is to keep the fire going which I thoroughly enjoy. Mom said that I am like a cat. Curling up by the hottest spot there is.

Later I am going to ask Alise if she wants to go horse back riding on delavagah. Well I hope you guys had a great weekend...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peaceful Saturday

Its was a peaceful Saturday as I am sitting her wondering what happened to the day. I will tell you all about my day today. Reggie and I are sitting nice and cozy by the nice hot fire I made today. I wonder how come dogs are so tired when they really don't do anything.

Tyrell's dogs " Shiloh and Caleb" always bites each other and wrestles its so funny to watch. And Caleb is just a puppy. When we have a camp fire Caleb comes and tries to bite the sparks. It is so funny its like a kid with bubbles but this time its a dog with sparks.

This morning we kinda cleaned up a little because Uncle Marv might be coming. Dad went on the Internet and found out that we can watch movies online. On CBC we can watch it there. We watched Heart land and it was nice. I haven't watched it for a very long time. An episode is an hour and we watched 2 episodes.

Later I went outside and rode my bike. In fact I have something to tell you. My old bike didn't work as well anymore the brake is broken at the back and I don't have working brakes and my seats chewed and there is so much I can tell but my fingers don't really want to type. I am forcing them to type.

Uncle Marv,Mic ( his grandchild) and Jesse came and it was so nice to see them again. We had some tea and some cookies. We went for a walk down to the spring and me,Jesse, and Mic walked together and the rest walked behind us.

We arrived back home and I made a fire again. A few hours went by again and I made some hot dogs and some smokies filled with cheese. Right now Jesse, Uncle, mic and Darcy left and right now I am sitting here going to watch the Walton's.

Kaylee and Reggie***

Friday, April 9, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I am making Chocolate Chip Cookies because my uncle Marv might come for our Friday supper. I will post the recipe today ( well I will try too anyways).Right now I am waiting for Mom to help me find a bucket of sugar because our white container is empty and all as I need is half a cup more.

I was bike riding to day and I was kinda tired afterwards. I guess you could say I crashed because my brake didn't work so I was racing with my self and I hit the post by the horse pen and I wiped out totally. Tomorrow lets just hope I'm not sore...

Reggie sure got some exercise he is so tired he is lying in front of our cook stove and practically sleeping peacefully. This isn't a very long post...sorry.....

Kaylee and Reggie ***

Chocolate Chip Cookies...

2 cups butter

2 cups sugar

4 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

5 cups flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

2 cups chocolate chips

2 cups oats

Cream butter,sugar and eggs, vanilla together add dry mixture to creamed,drys onto ungreased cookie sheet,

bake at 350 degree's for 10 to 15 minutes.... Bonn appetite

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost The Weekend...

It is almost the weekend. We are throwing a birthday party for Stephanie ( my brothers wife so that would be my sister in law.) on Sunday. Yesterday I went to town with Dad and Tyrell because Mom was to tired to go to town. I went to sewing and I am making a pink hat and I love it. Eileen ( my sewing teacher) was supposed to wash the material for my dress but she had a long weekend and usually she washes stuff on Friday but it was a holiday.

I continued on my hat and I pinned and cut out the pattern. I put some batting on and ironing... It can be quite fun to be honest. Anyways all I have to do is sew them back on and then hopefully I can start on my summer/spring dress. After sewing I went and I was going to buy some rag scissors because the normal scissors are so hard to clip because you have to clip 5 times to have it clipped.

I forgot to bring my purse in and so then I went into the truck. I saw my Uncle Marvin and that was wonderful to see him. He is going to stay for 2 and a half weeks I think. When I bought the scissors it nearly killed me... 30.00 dollars. Thank goodness I am a sewing student because I got 10 percent off.

I can't wait till I get home and use the EXPENSIVE scissors. Later we went to Walmart to buy some ink because Mom is printing off some schoolwork for us kids. Since we were in the electronics section we were looking for a nice old movie to watch tonight. I found the very very last Walton season... well it isn't a season it is a movie collection.

When we arrived home we put all our groceries and put it away and got all settled in. I quickly went and fed the cats because we ran out of cat food and they don't like the dog food we we HAD to buy some cat food. I spent some time with the horses and then I went inside to have some supper. Mom made some eggs on toast with beef sausages.

We watched the Waltons and then we went to bed...

***Kaylee and Reggie***


I did schoolwork for a very long time this morning. I did a science project and it was soooo disgusting. I went outside and I got some clay out of the ground and then Mom put some water and I put my hand in the mud and then had to mush it up to soft clay. I hate to say this but I kinda sounded like a city girl because I asked Mom if this would wreck my skin and would it hurt my finger nail and she said its okay.

After my science I went and had to wash my hands in a mud puddle. It was sooo COLD I almost died. I washed my hands inside because Mom wanted me to rinse my hands outside. I did another page in science then went outside and I had fun with the horses. I brush them out and sometimes I ride Chico and teach him on the ground all instructions so then when I am up on him he knows exactly what I mean.

I played with with Tyrell in Darcy's camper for a bit and Jesse came here for some supper and now we are just visiting... I am going to have some rice ;)

Kaylee and Reggie***

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What A Wonderful Suprise!!!

Spring is in the air. The most enjoyable thing about spring is the birth of all the animal babies. Our first birth arrived this morning. Gertrude our Dexter cow had a heifer calf. When the time comes to name our new additions we like to look at the baby and let it tell us. Gert's new baby looked as sweet as a flower so we named her Poppy-Rose.

We heard that Craig,Darcy, and Jesse is coming for a visit and so you know what that means!!!!! I was baking chocolate chip cookies and that took me only 10 minutes so I am doing better. My new goal is being more independent of cooking and cleaning and etc.

When I was done baking them I had Mom to put the cookies on the pan and taking them out onto a plate because I was going to go outside for a nice walk. Craig, Jesse, and Darcy arrived and went inside.

When all the cookies were cooked I put them on the pan and the rest on a rack to cool. It took no time at all for them to all disappear so then I went and loaded it up again and again and again and over and over. When they all left there was only 7 or 8 of them left.

Later in the afternoon some of our neighbours came up and that was very nice to see them. I saw a friend of mine from school and she has changed a lot. We had tea and my cookies that I made around the camp fire.

After they left I stayed around at the camp fire for some time and then we went inside to have some supper... I will talk to you guys later....

Kaylee and Reggie

ps. I am sorry that I have been so late on posts very very busy and tired.