Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air. Sun is shining, birds singing, and snow is melting well there is no snow here,but other places will probably be melting.

I am waiting for the water to cool so that I can wash dishes. This morning Brian Halliday stopped by to have a chat. He is working on the hoe down the road so that the road is better. Meg and Dad are working on a outhouse and guess what!!!! It is going to be finished today!!!!

I took some pictures of it being built so that my Granny can see and we can always look back in the past. Today we did some schoolwork 10 to 12. Later in the evening we have to do more schoolwork because who would like to be all cooped up on a day like this... I know I wouldn't although I am but on well..

I did 4 and a half pages in science. I have papers stapled together and I am 3rd way done of step 1. Step one is for April and I am soon going to go onto May's Science. Tonight I will work on with my Social Studies ( which is also like science papers printed and stapled) and maybe some English.

I just got back from riding my bike to the driveway and went into the mill yard to go to the trailer to see if the cats were out of food. Yep they were so then I went all the way back to the house, went into the shed and got some cat food. I just saw Marshmallow on the way and he was basically telling me he was out of food. I am always a step ahead of them.

My plan for today is to vacuum, wash dishes, dry dishes, put the dry dishes away, clear off the table, clear off the Island, and clean up the bench by the door way. I got a letter from Sweden for my sweet dear friend Hanna. Hanna is alot older then me but age doesn't matter is matters of how sweet and nice she is. Every summer she always comes to Canada to visit us and also see her sister.

I will get onto my stuff for today...

Kaylee and Reggie***

ps. Soon very Soon my blog posts will be a bit longer so just have Patience with me...