Monday, May 17, 2010

Lesson Learned

Today Reggie learned a good lesson. This morning Reggie and I went to the bee pond. There is a nice bench beside the bee pond. We sat on the bench looking over the mountains. Hepsabah my cat was clasping her paws and grabbing onto the bee's.

Reggie thought oh what fun! He went over and tried what Hepsabah did. With great fascination he watched the bee buzz around his head and around his feet and around his body.

And suddenly opened his mouth and snapped at the bee. To his great horror this tiny little bee shocked him right out of his wits by stinging his tiny little foot. He looked over at me with the most pleading helpless countenance as if to say ``Oh Kaylee Kaylee help me``.

I'd never let him know but in all truth he deserved it for trying to kill the bee. I had to keep my self from bursting out with laughter as I called him to me and soothed his aching tiny little foot.

To show him that I really did care about his little bee sting, I consoled him and wrapped his tiny little foot in toilet paper. I think he was thankful for the attention that I gave to his tiny little foot.

For the rest of the day he favored that one foot and stayed very close to my side and did not want to go near the bee pond.