Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Party

It is Stephanie's Birthday Party today. I just finished up cleaning and baking. I baked some chocolate chip cookies because the last batch was all gone. It was the world record. In the Dynna house its usually all our treats vanish with the Dynna Men. The last batch I made lasted for 2 days or 3 I can't remember. I baked a cake with Mom ( it is a packaged one).

I just went outside to pin the table cloth on the table and put the clips on so that the table cloth doesn't fly away! Mom made a nice hot soup last night and I believe it is called Hamburger and Pearl Barley soup. It is going to be a nice soup. It is a mix, there is vegetables,rice,hamburger, and rice soup. A pretty long name if you ask me.

Debbie and her children, uncle Marvin, Mike,Jesse,Darcy,Craig, and Stephanie are coming to the birthday party and it is going to be a huge one since we are in this tiny cabin. Although I do believe that you have a choice of eating outside and eating inside. I prefer eating inside because I am such an inside person and my job is to keep the fire going which I thoroughly enjoy. Mom said that I am like a cat. Curling up by the hottest spot there is.

Later I am going to ask Alise if she wants to go horse back riding on delavagah. Well I hope you guys had a great weekend...

Kaylee and Reggie***