Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Entry

Hello there my name is Kaylee Dynna. My blog is going to be a daily journal that I write in everyday that is if I forget or to busy so you will have to bear with me sometimes. Okay lets see what I did today. I slept in today because I couldn't go to bed for a very long time last night. I had some eggs on toast for breakfast I had to eat very fast because I am home schooled with Ebus and I have a vclass. Vclass is a virtual class and your teacher goes online and teaches you stuff you need to learn. Anyways enough about that. I turned on my computer and got set up. I couldn't find the link for the class so I went and talked to my friend to help me. She sent me the link but when I clicked on it, it wouldn't let me go so I talked to her and she couldn't really help me so I went to my hot mail account and I told Anne (my online teacher) that I couldn't make it and I would watch the recordings. I went into the kitchen and I did some schoolwork. That is pretty much it besides writing in here on my bed with my Yorkie Shire dog named Reggie. I think I should attempt cleaning my room.(it is a very small room so I clean it everyday) So ta ta for now will write again tomorrow :)