Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something I Forgot To Mention

I totally forgot to mention that I am going to go to a baby sitting course, July 8th 2010. Jody ( who bought our place) is a baby sitter instructor and is going to let me in.

I am not going to get my baby sitting ticket until I'm twelve which is in November. I will be at her place at 6:30 in the morning and we get ready and drive to Fort St. John.

I think the course ends at 3:00 so I will be packing lunch. I can't wait. I have gadgets on my desktop and I have a note pad and I am counting down the days. Right now it is 17 more days.

By the way its almost the end of June!!!!!! 8 more days then it will be July! When you want days to go by fast its slow and when you want days to go slow it goes fast! Its abit hot right now but not to bad.

I am sitting on the couch looking at our island and table. Dirty dishes are on there and bread dough is rising like crazy and crumbs and dirt on the carpet. It is so overwhelming sometimes.

I am going to dry the dishes and Mom is washing. Its Tyrell's turn to do the chickens. We take turns but soon we are going to complain but I sure hope not because I love checking the eggs:)

Well I thought I would do a quick blog post... Will write again:)

Kaylee and Reggie***
PS. I am baking some banana bread.