Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Holiday

I'm on a little holiday. Well thats what I like to call it, I'm just over at Alise's and when her horse has a colt we are going to go to swan lake. I am done school and Mom says that I been a good girl and I deserve it.

I going to stay for a week or so. I arrived here Saturday night and will stay for how many days Mom can stand. Alise and I were painting outside yesterday and today. Yesterday we painted the flower stand,anothr flower stand,a chair,and a box.

Today we just painted the wood shed and the chicken coup. Alise and I just played horseopoly and she beat me. I went bankrupt. So not fun. Well Alise and I are on eachothers computers playing games. We are taking turns of playing sims.

She lost her other sim disc but if she found it we would both play at the same tme but instead we take turns. Anyways take care :)

Kaylee and Reggie

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well Tuesday was our recital of course. We arrived at Ron Pettigrew School and Alise,Debbie,Grace,Darcy, and some of our friends arrived. I was going to play a different song but I chose not to because I had that song down pact.

Craig and Stephanie arrived 5 minutes later. I was the last one playing.There were 14 students, 3 missing well didn't show up. My Mom never brought Jesse's camera but thank goodness Debbie and Alise brought one. THANK YOU Debbie and Alise.

Craig and Stephanie brought a camcorder. I think that's what its called, not to sure. All the students did really well. When I played I went up and had to adjust the piano bench because I am so small.

I made a few mistakes and my face went red. My face always turns red when I am playing in the recital. When the song ended we went into the lobby. Debbie took a picture of Tyrell and I.

Kaylee and Reggie***

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tonights The Recital

Okay I am getting abit nervous. I feel like I am going to make a mistake or trip or do something. Mom thinks I am just being silly, which she is right because I am NOT going to trip.

There is going to be no stage, which I was kinda disapointed but in these case I am happy also because last recital I almost tripped and fell off the stage when I was bowing and coming off.

I am going to go to Jesse's with my Mom and she is going to help me get ready. Mostly do my hair because last night we couldn't find the curlers so we have to think aboout a different hair do.

Megan took her camera that takes video's so we are going to ask Jesse if we can take his and hopefully it takes video's so that I can post a video here for you to hear! I will give you a hint. I am playing Beethoven's song. It has Grace notes and trills.

Its a very long song and its in Grade 3. It is called Sonatina In G which I love to peices or should I say treble clefs. I tried on my dress last night and it fits perfectly! Although I have to tie my bow knot tight because its a bit loose on me.

Reggie is going to miss me. I am leaving him in his kenel at Jesse's. When ever I leave the room without Reggie he starts to yelp like crazy. Not any old yelp THE yelp. He yelps in a high pitched voice.

Thats what woke me up this morning. Well not just HIM, the bulls are seperated from their Moms because they are going to calve pretty soon and we don't want them to breed.

The animals just love to to death. I was sitting on the porch and all of a sudden Marshmellow came and then Shilo. All as I needed was a cow and a horse. Well I had Reggie to but he is always with me correct. Well not always because I go to sleepovers and recitals and ect. Without him.

Kaylee and Reggie ***

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Day Before The Big Day

Today is the day before he big day. I am all practiced up. Lets just hope I don't make a mistake. If I did the people wouldn't even notice. I haven't tried on my dress yet but I think well HOPE it will fit.

It has rained all weekend... That means all muddy and gross. The front yard is molded with all our foot prints even dog prints. The road is all mucky. We might even have Jesse ( my older brother) drive us out.

I'm going to make some buns. Every morning I am supposed to bake some buns and maybe I can take a few bits of dough to make cheese straws. It is really good. It is also good with some soup. it is kinda like sesame sticks.

My sister is in Grand Prairie tree planting. Well she is waiting to because they got snowed in. I am so close of being done schoolwork its not even funny. I need one page of social studies and a few pages of science.

I am finishing up my french report. When I get it done I will try to post it on this blog. Speaking of trying posting, do anyone of you know how to upload a video. I tried last time but it was saying it was uploading but I had it for 3 or 4 hours and it never worked...

Anyways I am going to go finish up my french fashion assignment...

Kaylee and Reggie***

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

I am sitting here wondering what to do next. This morning Mom woke me up by staring at me. I have to admit I wasn't really sleeping just a bit sleepy. It snowed outside yesterday so that the ground was muddy and gross.

That means Reggie gets muddy feet. I grabbed Reggie's towel and rubbed him down. It was like he had a bath because he came clean. I practiced my piano song and it is turning out a okay :)

For the recital I was thinking of curling my hair and have half of my hair up and then the rest down, and trimming my bangs when I was young. Jesse arrived just right now.

I'm sitting on the couch with him thinking of making some cheese straws. Mom and I are going to make some buns so I might sneak a few dough now and then. Darcy just walked up here so I am going now :)

Kaylee and Reggie ***

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Great Finale

On Wednesday was my last piano and sewing lessons. I am going be in a recital. Tuesday, May 25th 2010. Its going to be at Ron Pettigrews School in Dawson Creek at7:00 oclock sharp. Its going to be less than an hour. There will be 15 students including Tyrell and myself.

I will try to take a video of our preformence and on that note I will see you then :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lesson Learned

Today Reggie learned a good lesson. This morning Reggie and I went to the bee pond. There is a nice bench beside the bee pond. We sat on the bench looking over the mountains. Hepsabah my cat was clasping her paws and grabbing onto the bee's.

Reggie thought oh what fun! He went over and tried what Hepsabah did. With great fascination he watched the bee buzz around his head and around his feet and around his body.

And suddenly opened his mouth and snapped at the bee. To his great horror this tiny little bee shocked him right out of his wits by stinging his tiny little foot. He looked over at me with the most pleading helpless countenance as if to say ``Oh Kaylee Kaylee help me``.

I'd never let him know but in all truth he deserved it for trying to kill the bee. I had to keep my self from bursting out with laughter as I called him to me and soothed his aching tiny little foot.

To show him that I really did care about his little bee sting, I consoled him and wrapped his tiny little foot in toilet paper. I think he was thankful for the attention that I gave to his tiny little foot.

For the rest of the day he favored that one foot and stayed very close to my side and did not want to go near the bee pond.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homemade Hamburgers

Its a beautiful sunny day and all my family are working outside. I know that they are going to be very hungry when they come in. Homemade buns with homemade hamburgers will make them very happy.

There is a wonderful invention, called a hamburger press. After mixing all your meat and spices together, you press a little ball of meat in between plastic discs ( I wonder if old cd's would work).

And by pressing evenly I get a perfect hamburger patty. After pressing all the meat you can store your patties in the fridge until supper time.

What dessert would be nice with homemade hamburgers.

Monday, May 10, 2010


We have completed the bee pond in just 2 days. We just finished it this evening. It is looking so very very nice. All we need is some bee's and were good to go. Tyrell and I did schoolwork around the campfire.

Tyrell and I went for a nice bike ride. Yesterday I fell off the bike so many times I thought I was going to be very sore. It turned out that I was right. My back was very very sore. I couldn't really move that much.

Jesse arrived with the big goose neck. All our clothes,junk, and utensils were all on it. I was very happy to see it right in front of our yard. Well it is at the saw mill yard so you can barely see it right through the trees.

We fried up some leftover rice and oh was it ever good. I helped Mom do the pond. Tyrell and I gave lots of rocks and put it where it belongs. Dad and Tyrell got the water tank onto the truck and went to the spring to pump out the water for the pond.

We filled up the pond with water and oh did it looked so nice.Mom raked up some wet soil and put the bench beside it. Well I am going to go now :)

Kaylee and Reggie***

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What A Wonderful Day

It was a wonderful day in the valley. Sun was shining most of the time. The weather likes to change every 10 to 15 minutes. We had our breakfast at the camp ground and it was very nice. Darcy came up for a visit and he helped do chores.

Darcy and I had to get some clay onto the truck . We had some spade shovels and went on top of the clay pile shoveling away. When the truck was full we went to the other side of the property. We shoveled it off to the ground to make nice pad for the pallets to be even on each side.

Craig and Stephanie showed up for Mothers Day. They gave Mom some chocolate and a very nice colorful flower. We had some soup and a hotdog roast. The sticks were getting to burnt so the ends were falling off and that means the hotdogs fall down to te ground.

I went inside and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. A couple weeks ago I gave you the recipe.They boys loved it so much. The first batch I burnt because the stove got abit to hot. When Craig and Steph left we went back to work.

Tyrell and I went up and down the drive way for 3 hours believe or not. I was so sore after that long bike ride. Mom and Megan just made a bee pond. I had the axe chop^ping the roots and raking. Megan was in the pond digging out the dirt and Mom well she kinda did everything.

We went inside and I made another fire. Mom made a pot of brown rice. It was really good. Well have a good night:)

Kaylee and Reggie***

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Challah Bread

Today I am going to make Challah Bread. You make the dough and let it rise. Sprinkle some flour onto the table. Then you put your dough onto the table and start to kneed it.

Then you are going to slice it half.

The half you have you put the other half away and get your other half into three quarters.

Take one quarter and roll it. Do the same with the other 3 quarters.

With the three quarters all nicely rolled, you will pinch the top with the others so its all connected. And then you braid it.

You get a pan ready ( Stone where is probably the best) and you butter it so it doesn't stick.

You put your braided bread onto the pan.

Preheat he oven to 350 and take it out until its nicely golden brown. Butter the top with wax paper or a brush. If you have a sweet tooth then you probably want to have a seprate bowl and put lots of icing surgar like 3 tabespoons and add a tinsy itty bitty of vanilla. And then add cream till its nice and thick and rich.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to comment. Or if you want a recipe...

Kaylee and Reggie***