Friday, January 22, 2010


I haven't writing for a long time so lets start with Wednesday... Today I got up at 6:00am and woke up my friend, Alise. She set the alarm for 6:00 and I turned it off. We played the Sims and I got all packed up. We had some breakfast and then we went to wake up Alise's mom. We played on the Sims for a bit and then we went to the car and got ready to go to the Bag Sale. We were a bit late because we were behind a guy who was going 60 and his lights weren't on because he was having trouble with his lights. We went to the Salvation army ( bag sale is at the salvation army and you get a bag for 5.00 and you fill it)

Mom was at the bag sale also so she dropped me off at Piano. The piano teacher made me play this part that you have to stretch your hands so much it hurts, I have trouble playing it because you have it fast and you also have to pound it. She wanted me to play it 10 times each day. We went on to another song that it is Beethoven that I was talking about last time. It is hard because you have to make it blend in and you also have to play it staccato. We went shopping for along time and I went to sewing. I am almost done my apron that I am making for my sister Megan.

We went home and we made some wraps and some pizza. I had some wraps and it is really good. Dad and Tyrell went to Edmonton to pick up some Golden Retriever puppies. They got home at around 6:30 and the puppies were so cute. I cleaned my room and went to bed.

Today I got up and I had some eggs on toast with some beef bacon that we get from the butcher block. I did lots of schoolwork and practiced my piano. I did my song that I had to play 10 times and my fingers really hurt afterwards. We are going to butcher our cow tonight so we got ready.We put some plastic on the floor and our table and we put our meat on the plastic on the table. The reason why we are going to butcher our cow tonight is because my brother Darcy is working and plus he went to college to be a meat cutter. And the other reason is because we have to let the meat un thaw.

I played on the Nintendo DS for a long time to kill time. I made some lunch and it was really good. I went on my computer for a bit and then we were talking to Granny on SKYPE. Dad got back from town and he bought a meat grinder and some groceries. Dad got the meat grinder out of its package and it turned out it was damaged so he went to town again to replace the meat grinder for another meat grinder that isn`t damaged. When he got home he got to saw`s that are regularly price 20.00 each other but they were on sale for 7.00 each. The cashier sold Dad 2 saw`s for 7.00 for the inconvenience.

When Darcy got home we were butchering the cow. It was really fun. We made lots of Hamburger and Darcy made some nice looking meat. I was taping and putting the scraps in the garbage can. Putting the meat that is going to be for Hamburger in the meat grinder and sometimes working the meat grinder and writing on the meat packages. We finished at 10:30 including cleaning up. I was so tired that I went to bed immediately.