Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday Already!?!?

Its Thursday already and I can't believe it.

Today I got up a little bit late. Tyrell went with Darcy for a sleepover yesterday and I went to town with Dad. I quickly got up and got ready for town and guess what!!! It took me 5 minutes to get ready!!! I heard that we are leaving for town in a hour.

When we went I read a book called Elise`s Stolen Heart. It is a really good book also. Its about a boy wanting to Marry Elise just for the money. Elise doesn`t have a mother because when she was born she died. She had a nurse maid to take care of her and still does.

When she turns twenty she will get a million dollars. That's a lot of money back in there days and even these days. In the 1800 in Landsdale,Ohio. She is 18 and is on a holiday with her Auntie Wealthy.

Anyways enough about a book on with the day here Kaylee and Reggie. When we arrived in town we went and did some banking business and then we had a bit to eat. We went to A&W ( yes I know it is really bad for you and when you watch food inc it makes you feel that you don`t want to eat a burger or anything there in fact) and so then we went into Canadian Tire to eat.

I just had french fries and a small Root Beer. Later on when we were almost done eating well Dad not me because I am a slow slow eater even ask all my friends, Craig who is my older brother works at Kenver and he had went to A&W.

I phoned him on the cell and said `` Hey Craiggy whatcha havin for lunch`` he said ``A&W what are you having``Same with you and I said look to you right`and so then he came and had some lunch with us.

Darcy came for lunch and he had his friend in his truck and he had A&W too. It was like a family reunion. Later we went into Canadian Tire and got a shot vac because our old vacuum is acting up. It can vacuum up water and also squirt water too well spray with a hose and stuff and its really cool.

We went and did our town stuff and also its tax time!!!! I love tax time I always help Dad and am getting better. I am going to add up all the GST because guess what. No Calculator so we have to buy one. Dad went and bought a calculator that prints the number on a paper and oh I couldn't wait till I get home.

When we got home we got all settled in and the we had fun with the calculator. And that's pretty much it...

Kaylee and Reggie

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