Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Perfect Day

Today I woke up to a wonderful morning. Mom, Dad, and Tyrell went to the valley for the weekend. Megan and I stayed home to keep the fires going and also feed and water the goats. I had a muffin for breakfast because I wasn't really hungry. Today is Saturday and you know what that means....Rest day!!!!! Yes rest day has finally arrived.

Megan and I watched movies then the sun was shinning and it was plus 5 here!!!! Yes plus 5!!!! Spring must be here. Megan went out and fed the goats and gave it water. Megan was looking at the sun with her eyes closed and was starting to get freckles. At first I didn't know what she was doing and I hate to say it to you sis but I thought you were delirious.

I slipped on my slippers and went outside to see what she is doing. I was running out there and then here I was standing there with the sun in my face too because I asked Megan and she told me that if you stay in the sun you can get freckles and plus you can get your vitamin D. So folks that's how you can get you vitamin D, Go outside in the summer and plant a garden and you stay outside for along time until you can't take it no more. That's sweet 2 in

Out of the blues Megan proceeded to grab my shirt and was going to chuck me in the snow bank!!!!! Can you believe it your own sister throwing you in a deep snow bank. Well I can't. I grabbed her shirt and she just dipped me in the snow bank (thank goodness) but then she got the bucket and got lots of snow and threw it at me. When I saw the bucket of snow I thought not to good, so I took off ,but I was late she got me.

Coming in all wet well okay just a bit to make you want to punch her out or do pay back. I went into the bedroom to change. And you would have thought I could find a shirt. I have tons of clothes and I couldn't get any shirts until I said yes to a t-shirt. Meg and I watched another movie and then we got sick of it so we watched Anne Of Green Gables and oh is it such a warm romantic movie.

Megan and I wanted to get freckles on our face. Megan opened up the front door ( its a glass door) and she had her legs up and I had a chair and I had my legs up the wall to. Can you imagine that!!! If company came and saw us I would be so embarrassed.When it was sun down I got some fire wood and got a fire nice and hot. I cleaned the kitchen while Megan did the laundry.

When it was finished we went on the computers. Right now I just got back from doing pay back. And guess what I did! I layed on the floor by Megan and she was in one of those office chairs so I grabbed the handle and I pulled it up so the chair would go down. That's about it for today.