Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Starting My Morning Routine

I am just starting my morning routine.I am just waiting for Tyrell to get some flour out of the shed. My plans for today are brushing my teeth, (because I forgot to brush them last night)doing a blog post, (which I am doing right now) baking buns, doing the dishes, and vacuuming.

Yesterday Debbie,Alise,Grace, and Jacob came up. Jacob is getting cuter everyday. I went and set up the table for some tea. I put out a perfect cup for little Gracie, because she always keeps asking us for a sip.

Alise and I were visiting for a bit. We played with my Moms phone. Which by the way is NEW! I think its called a chocolate phone. Doesn't that sound good? I don't know why they call it a chocolate phone. It slides and you text with the keys. Its like a tiny key board and works a lot easier.

Alise and I went outside and played Sims. We went to the generator and got an extension cord so I can charge my computer before it dies. We played for abit. Alise had to go and so we said good bye.

Oh the reason why they came was for their dog Blue to stay with us. Blue is going is going to have so much fun today. Mom is planning for him to chase the cows into a meadow or in a corral or something like that.

Reggie and Blue just love each other. Marshmallow ( my cat) doesn't like Blue at all. Marshmallow clasps his mouth to Blue`s fur and immediately Blue submits. Have you ever heard of a dog submitting to a cat???? I never in my life until now.

I was thinking of baking something with banana's... Maybe a banana loaf... I will ask Mom. I sure hope the weather will be nice today because it looks like its going to rain.

Well I should go and start my routine... I will have to ask Tyrell to do the flour or else there will be no buns. It works all the time, because its true without flour no buns

Kaylee and Reggie***