Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Continuing Saga

We got back from Jesse’s place ( my brother). Mom and Dad dropped me off at Jesse’s while they were getting the goats. I did the laundry and did his dishes. When Mom and Dad had arrived we got all nice and settled in.

When they got the goats all nice and tied up, I am not so sure they were that happy to be home.They were enjoying travelling the countryside. Well they were taste testing all the neighbours shrubs and apple trees. Why would they be happy about plain old hay?

We arrived home to the cabin late that evening ,with a nice chicken in a pot, we had found in my brothers fridge. I love to be the one to get the cook stove fired up. Tyrell had cut me all the kindling I needed and mom put all my favorite spices on and the wonderful smell of roast chicken filled the cabin a very short time.

I took Reggie for a walk and he loved it. I needed some snow to wash dishes because we don’t want to waste our good drinking water just for washing.

I am watching Corner Gas (its a really good show) and Tyrell is watching Daniel Boone ( it is really really old and corny show) Dad is playing on the computer and guess what!!!! He’s playing Scrabble.

Well, until tomorrow dear friends….good day and just remember girls you don’t have to melt snow to wash your dishes.

Kaylee and Reggie Yorkie Puppu

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