Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well I really hate to say this but I think its fall. The days are getting shorter, Tips of the trees are yellow, and the grass is yellow also. When its fall Mom loves to paint. Mom and Meg are painting the shed right now.

I am just waiting for the water to boil and then I can do the dishes. After the dishes I am going to paint the other side. Mom doesn't really let me paint so this is going to be fun. I love painting, even number painting.

For school I did a really neat number painting. When I find it I will take a picture of it and then post it on here. For now I just have to find it. I think I know where it is. A couple weeks ago I bought my camera.

My camera chip is full believe it or not, I will be deleting them all and then taking more pictures todays events. Tonight I think I'm going to be reading, that is after milking the cow. Swiss mocha got dehorned last night.

She looks weird right now. I have her tied to a tree with a long long rope so that she is playing with her goat friends instead of following me around the property. The house is really clean. I am starting to like my little routine I have.

In the morning I wake up and have breakfast and go on my favorite sites on the computer. After do the dishes and go outside and feed Swiss mocha. Later I do little chores. Reggie just follows me around where ever I go.

Anyways the waters hot so I will do another blog post.