Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well Tuesday was our recital of course. We arrived at Ron Pettigrew School and Alise,Debbie,Grace,Darcy, and some of our friends arrived. I was going to play a different song but I chose not to because I had that song down pact.

Craig and Stephanie arrived 5 minutes later. I was the last one playing.There were 14 students, 3 missing well didn't show up. My Mom never brought Jesse's camera but thank goodness Debbie and Alise brought one. THANK YOU Debbie and Alise.

Craig and Stephanie brought a camcorder. I think that's what its called, not to sure. All the students did really well. When I played I went up and had to adjust the piano bench because I am so small.

I made a few mistakes and my face went red. My face always turns red when I am playing in the recital. When the song ended we went into the lobby. Debbie took a picture of Tyrell and I.

Kaylee and Reggie***