Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning

It is Sunday Morning and I'm sitting on the couch thinking what to write about. Last night Darcy came up and he was visiting. A HUGE rain cloud hovered over us. We didn`t know if it was going to stay there or going to pass us. Later it passed over us. Although I have to say that it did rain for abit.

Isn`t it wonderful waking up to fried up potato`s sizzilying in oil??? I think its wonderful. Yesterday our cow Emelia is MIA ( missing in action). On Friday we put Chico and Moniet in a pen. Moniet is going to have a baby colt. Chico is my lovely horse that I love. I have been working with him for a couple of days now.

Mom was thinking of putting Emilia in the other pen. Mom asked Dad and he said "No we will do her later". from this day one she regrets it. We think she had her little baby calf.

Mom calls her how she usually does and she comes racing up the mountain, but now she has gone and we don't know where she is.Mom is thinking what happens if she is having trouble calving or if something got the calf.

today is a beautiful day, Sun is shinning and not a single cloud in the sky. There are lots of dishes to be done. Tyrell, Mom, and I are going to take turns going the dishes. I am thinking what should I make after the dishes.

Jesse is working right now with his helper that his boss sent over. He is at the bottom of the road and he is putting fence posts around the land for his boss. I think I'm going to make something very delicious. Any idea's???

I am going to vacuum the floor and also make the bed. I mowed the lawn on Friday and you'll never guess what happened.The next day lots of dandy lions came up so I will have to work on that.

I am going to clean this whole entire house. I am thinking of going for a nice walk with Mom and Ty and maybe Darcy. We are going to look for Emelia again. Granny May's leg is getting better everyday.

I am feeding her some bread,hay, and some nice picked grass. The dogs are jealous. The dogs always gets the bread. Its kinda like a game for them, who can get the most bread!

I`m also going to work with Chico. He is beautiful horse. I will take a picture pretty soon and post it. He i finally done shedding. I personally think that horses look pretty when they are done shedding.

Well I am going to go now

Kaylee and Reggie***