Friday, March 26, 2010


Its Wednesday and guess what!!! Its Bag Sale at the Salvation Army again. It was hard getting up early but I managed. Dad is going to Fort St. John to look at a truck for Darcy. Megan is house sitting so we are going to pick her up and she is going with Dad while us kids do our regular town routine.

When we were all ready to go we went into the truck and waited until Mom was finished telling the dogs go in your home. When we go somewhere the dogs follow until Mom gets after them. When we were half way to town we went down a road to pick up Megan. Mom said " Do you know where you are going Bry" and he replied " Yes I do, do you know how much many times I was on there".

Down we go on a okay road. The truck steering isn't that great so we were all over the place. Mom was like basically having her hands over her eyes so that she doesn't have to see it. Tyrell and I were in the back and we were laughing our heads off. Dad was enjoying it also. When we arrived Megan was already to go and so she jumped into the truck and ready to go to town.

Dad dropped us girls at the Butcher Block and we took the car ( Darcy worked at the Butcher Block today and he took the car) and then we went to kill 30 minutes. We went to the bag sale and I got lots of hoodies and a pair of pants.

Dad came and picked me up for my piano lessons. Laurel loved me playing the piano. She said that I was VERY good. I had some ups and downs so she corrected me. Dad picked me up and we went to see Mom. Dad and Megan were off to FSJ and us kids and our Mom were going to go swimming with Alise instead of skating.

We went swimming and that was so fun. We went into the steam room and oh was that ever hot. I saw my old friends from public school. After swimming we went and decided to go to Tim Hortons for some lunch. Alise and I had a table of our own and we had some delicious lunch. Later on Mrs. Ford came while we were just leaving. Mom stayed with Tyrell and I went with Alise because it was almost time for sewing.

We went to sewing and guess what. I finished my blanket well not MY blanket a baby blanket for the people who bought our house. I don't know what to make for sewing any ideas????? Mom picked me up. Dad did buy the truck and picked up Darcy.

We went out for supper at Subway then went home.

Kaylee and Reggie.

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