Saturday, March 27, 2010

Its Friday

Its Friday and I can't believe it.... Can you???? Plus its pretty much the end of March and onto April!!!! Time is flying so fast. Anyways on with the blogging...

Today I got up and had some breakfast and later we went outside. I went and fed the horses horse treats and they loved it. I tried getting a halter on Chico but he didn't want it. I brushed him down and he loved it.

Later I watched Tyrell and Dad building the shed. I was kinda helping Mom and Meg clean out the shed ( it is with all our tubs) I found my clothes tub and I have all my socks back... YAY!!!!Anyways I have lots of socks because Mom bought me some and then I had some socks from the past.

I went and did a fire and came back outside. Later on Jesse came and then Mom and I went inside and I got all cleaned up and I did my hair. I am very particular about my hair so it took me awhile to do it.

We got all ready for our Friday night and Jesse went to his house again but is coming back later. I was playing with Darcy and stuff like that....

Kaylee and Reggie

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