Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home Kaylee and Reggie. Yes I am at the valley right now. Mom and Dad had bought an air card ( I think I was telling you in the last post) so I can keep in touch with you guys and also we can go on the internet too. We just had some leftover pizza and boy was it sure good :)

Mom and Dad picked me up from my friends/family around at 3:00. My little niece will probably be a little bit upset going without no good byes. She clung to me when I was eating meals and playing with her.

We went to the house and loaded up some of the stuff that we needed and went down here. All of us are sitting here, Mom is on the internet, Dad is reading The Bargain Hunter and Tyrell is just being Tyrell always hyper, loud and being a boy. He just got so hyper he went outside and played with the dogs. Reggie my sweet little dog is just laying with me by the nice hot fire.

When I arrived at the house (well the one that is being sold) I had a surprise. Well it wasn’t a surprise really because Dad spilt the beans when we were driving. Reggie went and had an appointment. He got all nice and groomed. Although it wasn’t really that great because there is some hunk of hairs that need a bit of trimming.

This small little cabin is all nice and homey. I got my stuff and put it in the cabin. There is hardly any room really so all our junk and stuff are in a shed or on a pellet with a tarp on. Well I think I am going to go read for awhile and then sleep. Bye for now.

Kaylee and Reggie hey you started it


Nothing Much Today

Nothing much today. I just made Dad some eggs on toast and cheese smokes. Yesterday I went to Jesse’s place and did some laundry and washed his dishes. I think I am going to go for a bike ride or just a walk.

Can you believe that it is almost March!!?? I can’t just few days ago in was February. Reggie is limping right now. His nail was is cut to short or something because his nail is the thing that hurts.

My battery on my computer is going to die so will write tonight or tomorrow.

Kaylee and Reggie  Blog pic 2


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Day Here

Today is my last day here at my friends house. I had the most wonderful time doing schoolwork here. Mom and Dad are going to pick me up in the afternoon or evening. Yesterday was our town day. I went to sewing and I think 1 or 2 more weeks I will be done the baby blanket that I am making.

Last night we watched abit of Alvin And The Chickmunks and the other movie called 27 dresses. I love that show just because of the dresses. I am going to go to my new home at the valley. No more living in a house now its going to be in a small cabin.

Well will right later tonight or tomorrow or something...

ps. I can write down there because Mom and Dad had bought an air card. An air card is you plug it in your computer and where ever you have cell service you can have Internet.

pps.I can't wait till I see Reggie my dog.

Kaylee and Reggie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Already!!!

Is it Tuesday already!!! Felt like a minute and it was like another week!!! Yesterday I got a call from my Mom and she said that on Thursday afternoon I am going to go home... New home that is. My teacher was supposed to call me yesterday morning but she never. Lets just hope she calls me today.

Tomorrow is going to be our town day again. We are not going to go skating and I am going to skip piano this time. Last night for supper we had some sushi!!!! I ate ravioli and so then I didn't eat a whole roll this time. Today is schoolwork day again. Yesterday we didn't finish till like 4:30!!!

Today I am going to have a shower here, Debbie said " This is your last time having nice hot shower. That's because like I said that we sold our house and we are going to go to the valley without now power. Well we have a generator and stuff but now like a grand house. Alise and I just got back from feeding the critters outside.

I am going to do some schoolwork now so ta ta

ps. I haven't been writing a lot because nothing really new here so yeah.

Kaylee and Reggie

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Start Of A New Weekend

Today is a start of a new weekend, well yesterday was. I am still at Alise's doing schoolwork. Yesterday we did schoolwork and then we played on our computers till our bedtime. We didn't finish our schoolwork till around 4:00. I don't know how long I am staying but I can imagine that I am going to stay here till Wednesday.

I do not have the day planned yet besides doing schoolwork. We will see how the day will unfold. Alise and I are going to do schoolwork, play on our computers, and we are hoping and seeing if we are going to finish "The Titanic". Oh did I tell you while I was having my breakfast with Alise, Debbie ( Alise's mom and my sister in-law) said that last night she maid some rolls.

For people who don't know what rolls are I will tell you. It is sushi. I love sushi, Last summer or whatever season it was I ate a whole roll of sushi!! I am such a little bird ( because I am such a SLOW eater and I eat hardly anything) and a roll is about a foot and a half long!!! Alise and I were daring each other dipping with the sushi and eating it.

I am going to do schoolwork now so tata.
Kaylee and Reggie

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Almost The Weekand

I am at my friends/family house and all is swell. I woke up at 7:05 this morning and Alise ( my family and bff) said that when you wake up wake me up. I told her I am used to get up pretty early but she did not really care. I tried to go back to sleep but it didn't really work.

I tried so HARD to wake her up at 8:30. First attempt I just said " Alise time to get up" she didn't budge. Second attempt I took off her blankets and tickled her in the legs and then she just moaned. Last but not least attempt I did what I did last time at her house. I tickled her nose and said " time to get out of your bundley oven". She woke up and then we chatted for a bit. We went on your computers till Debbie got up.

When Debbie got up we had some cereal. We got dressed into clothes. Alise went and did her chores while I was playing with Grace. We are doing school work right now and that's about it...

Kaylee And Reggie

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Perfect Day

Today I woke up to a wonderful morning. Mom, Dad, and Tyrell went to the valley for the weekend. Megan and I stayed home to keep the fires going and also feed and water the goats. I had a muffin for breakfast because I wasn't really hungry. Today is Saturday and you know what that means....Rest day!!!!! Yes rest day has finally arrived.

Megan and I watched movies then the sun was shinning and it was plus 5 here!!!! Yes plus 5!!!! Spring must be here. Megan went out and fed the goats and gave it water. Megan was looking at the sun with her eyes closed and was starting to get freckles. At first I didn't know what she was doing and I hate to say it to you sis but I thought you were delirious.

I slipped on my slippers and went outside to see what she is doing. I was running out there and then here I was standing there with the sun in my face too because I asked Megan and she told me that if you stay in the sun you can get freckles and plus you can get your vitamin D. So folks that's how you can get you vitamin D, Go outside in the summer and plant a garden and you stay outside for along time until you can't take it no more. That's sweet 2 in

Out of the blues Megan proceeded to grab my shirt and was going to chuck me in the snow bank!!!!! Can you believe it your own sister throwing you in a deep snow bank. Well I can't. I grabbed her shirt and she just dipped me in the snow bank (thank goodness) but then she got the bucket and got lots of snow and threw it at me. When I saw the bucket of snow I thought not to good, so I took off ,but I was late she got me.

Coming in all wet well okay just a bit to make you want to punch her out or do pay back. I went into the bedroom to change. And you would have thought I could find a shirt. I have tons of clothes and I couldn't get any shirts until I said yes to a t-shirt. Meg and I watched another movie and then we got sick of it so we watched Anne Of Green Gables and oh is it such a warm romantic movie.

Megan and I wanted to get freckles on our face. Megan opened up the front door ( its a glass door) and she had her legs up and I had a chair and I had my legs up the wall to. Can you imagine that!!! If company came and saw us I would be so embarrassed.When it was sun down I got some fire wood and got a fire nice and hot. I cleaned the kitchen while Megan did the laundry.

When it was finished we went on the computers. Right now I just got back from doing pay back. And guess what I did! I layed on the floor by Megan and she was in one of those office chairs so I grabbed the handle and I pulled it up so the chair would go down. That's about it for today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Science For Today

Today I woke up on a average day. I had some breakfast and straight to school work. I finished my science and scanned and sent it to my teacher. Today we are working with a microscope and we are going to study what the blood looks like under the microscope. We need the blood so we had to prick our selves with a pin. That's right pricking yourself with a pin.

I was so nervous doing it I was about to chicken out. Megan got a tack and was starting to attack me to get blood on the slides to see it. Before we did that we did a report of writing down all the information. When it came to stabbing I chickened out. Mom had to do it for me she told me it won't hurt.

Mom pinched my end of my finger and said that the nurses used to do it to her when she was pregnant. When she did me it hurt well I shouldn't say it hurt hurt but it felt like she pinched me. When I looked through it, it looked so different and you would think you were color blind if you did look at it. It was kinda like gold and little bugs were around and of course I saw my plasma.

Next it was Tyrell. His looked way different then mine his looked like it was darker. Next it was Emerson. He was scared of doing it and finally he did a little poke but no blood. Mom poked it again and a little bit of blood came out and then Mom gave up. I went over there and I squeezed it so hard that lots of blood came. Mom focused it for Emerson and he saw it and it looked so different that I don't think I can explain.

Megan wanted to do hers so she pricked her self and she couldn't get the light on and focus it. I got my rechargeable batteries and I replaced them and then it was working like really.I saw it was straight yellow. Us kids want Mom to prick her blood but she said no. I personally think she is tired of it because she had 5 kids and that means 5 pricks.

Well that's it for today....

Kaylee and Reggie

Friday, February 5, 2010

Its Friday and I'm lovin it:)

Its Friday and I'm lovin it... This morning I woke up to a wonderful day. The 4 girls (the foster ones that I was talking about earlier) are going for good!!!!! That means silence and peacefulness. At 9:30 they went and all the chaos went with them. We had to much of it the whole week. We will have a nice quiet home once and for all. When they left we all started jumping jubilantly. In all truthfullness I felt sorry for them that they were not taught manners, and hope they are happy in the new home that they went to.

With schoolwork finished for the day I look forward to doing my blog posts.

Hanna is my friend in Sweden and we were talking on our hot mail accounts and it was so cool because when its 11 am in Sweeden its 7 pm here. Sometimes I think to my self, is there even anybody reading this????? HELLO????

I urgently had a feeling of cleaning. You know when you have a cleaning mood, well yep, that's what I had yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen very very clean. Megan made some pizza dough so that Mom can make pizza's. We needed onions for the pizza. Mom doesn't like cutting the onions nor my sister Megan. My Dad is the one who cuts onions in the house but he was busy. I told Mom I wanted to cut onions. It was my first time doing it the adult way. I usually use an onion cutter. It is a great way to chop onions, they are just the right size to put on pizza. I asked Mom if she can teach me how to cut it with a knife. Mom showed me and I did it very well if I may say so myself. Ladies you know what cutting onions means. It means crying like you are so emotional, just of doing the onions!!!! I found a solution to cut back on the tears, YAY!!!!! Cut the onions by an open window so that when you need to have air, you just go to the window instead of rubbing your eyes and making it hurt more.When you rub with your fingers the onion scent is on your hand. Multiple times I had to go the bathroom to get a cold cloth on my eyes.

Mission accomplished solider! You have achieved an award for cutting onions. I set the table. There was a problem with the place mats, they were so wrinkled up that I thought it would be nice if I ironed them. When I ironed it Mom said that it was very very nice.

Jesse came and he had a cold so we gave him some halls and it actually worked for him. Later, Deb had arrived and all we are waiting for is Darcy and the drinks for the night.
When Darcy arrived we were all so hungry so I grabbed the groceries out of his hand and got the Ginger Ale on the table for the juice to be put in. I got a pitcher of water and I put the cans of juice in but I was in a hurry because Dad was about to pray. After we prayed I got the juice already and then we just had juice and Ginger Ale. It was a good pizza.

Darcy asked where his cup was and I showed him and then he said ``your so quick``. I washed the stove because it was so messy so I guess you could say that I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly. Later Megan asked me to do her hair and I said yes right after I am done cleaning. I got the curling iron on and then I was getting the curling spray that your supposed to do before curling your hair because it protects it. And also after curling it you can spray this stuff with sparkles so it makes it look nice.
I have a routine with the hair do, because I spray, then protection stuff, then curl, and then read Megan's book that she has, and then I take it out and then spray it to make it sparkly. I was playing around with Megan's bangs and I pretended to cut them with my finger and she said that I could.I was surprised and excited so then I did. And just remember, this is my first time cutting hair I thought, its going to look horrible. I was so nervous and of course I was right it was horrible. So I did a touch up and then it looked a bit better. I curled it with those Velcro rollers and it looked cute, that is, if she was a little girl.

We watched a movie and then when I was done curling Megan's hair we went to bed. I curled up with mom and then her heat put me right to sleep.

Long Day

I am going to write about Thursday so that I am catching up...

Today I got up and dressed. I had some cereal and it was so good. I did schoolwork for awhile but then the kids distracted me so I discontinued. I was going to go to my french Vclass but I was having trouble so I didn't bother. I did more schoolwork and then I was done. I babysat 2 little girls so we watched a movie and played on the piano. We watched Home Alone 2 and 3 it seems to be my brothers fovortie movie. I didn't finish Home Alone 3 because the kids were disobeying so I went upstairs with Tyrell and Emerson to watch halfway through we wanted to take a break.

We went down stairs and then we were playing with the puppies. We had some supper. I babysat again this time I went on the piano and played songs for all the little girls to dance to. I was wearing a skirt and it was harder to dance because they were teaching me to line dance.. Mom came in and gave me a beautiful green cowboy hat that she was saving for me for a long time. I loved it. Tyrell got his cow boyhat on and we began to dance. We lined danced and got so tired. It was time to watch the end of Home Alone 3. I checked my Hotmail and then I went to bed. Mothers orders. She is very particular about getting to bed early.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Town Day

I am going to write about yesterday, today. I am going to write about today, tonight, for SURE!
I had a feeling I should write in my blog because one of my friends said that I was letting down her, and my followers.

On with today...

Today I was sleeping with Mom, because Dad was sleeping their room because he was sick. He snores so loud. So we were sleeping in the front room. We had to get up early because Darcy is going to take us town, and of course I told you that he works at the Butcher block. We get the car while he works. We got ready to go to town and then we were off.

Megan (my oldest sister and my only sister) is going to have a wonderful day without the children. Last Thursday we got an emergency placement because we are foster parents. 4 girls ages 7, 4, 3, 1 and it is so stressful. The 4 girls are going to go for a visit for the whole day. We dropped off Darcy and then we started our townday!!!

We went to the Dollar Store and I found the coolest thing ever! It was a flash light and it is a 3d flashlight that is a windup. On the side there is a lock and unlock and when you push the unlock, the other side pops up. You pump it, and then you charged it up. I had a sore throat so I also bought some Halls.

Right before we left the Dollar Store my piano teacher called and wanted to see if we could change our piano lessons. It works out well because we get more skating time in. Tyrell went to piano first, because I went last last time. Mom went into the school with Tyrell while I stayed in the car with Emerson.
Emerson thought I was so fun but I was just listening to the radio...LOL....I went and did piano and my teacher loved me playing for her and she said that she likes me as her student. I didn't get enough piano practice because those girls, I was telling you about in the beginning, are piano lovers so when I practice they pound on the piano. After my piano lesson we went skating. I was playing tag with some of my friends and fell. I stopped for a bit of a rest.We ate at the rink.
My Dad was in town so he picked up Darcy from work ( he was on his lunch break, Darcy that is) and then Dad wanted to gofor lunch. We enjoyed some poutine and a drink. We dropped off Darcy at work. We went to the library to get some books and then I got some movies for Emerson. At that time I was going to go to sewing. I am making my pink cameo pajama pants. I am doing it much faster than the first time I sewed. The first tiem i sewed I was going the slowest speed, but this time I was almost going full speed and I did some straight lines. Next week I am going to be
finished this project
Mom picked me up and I noticed that I couldn`t find my purse, and you know when you have a sick feeling in your stomach if you think you lost your purse, well I had that feeling, but I found it after ashort time. I had such a relief. We went to the mall. We went and sat down and Tyrell wanted to go on the rides that they have in the mall. I knew he was too bigf but we never do that so it was fun. Tyrell asked if we could go on the claw. The claw is the big claw that you pick up toy's with, but you have to have skill. Mom said yes (she is in a good mood) you see, she does not like waste so we don't do this sort of wasteful thing ever. I had a turn and almost got a hat, I grabbed it, and while it was going it dropped, and I got so mad.

I got so addicted but then I ran out of money because I wasted. Of all the times to leave your money at home, it had to be that, particularly time. We went and picked up Darcy and went home. What a long day. I was very tired.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sick Day And Bed Day

Today I got up and I had some breakfast. I couldn`t get my mind around it because I am sick with the flu. Although I am better now then before last night. Last night I was going through all our clothes because we are going to move on the 28th. I gave a lot to the Salvation Army and to my little niece Grace. When I went to bed I felt a bit dizzy so I kinda thought that I was going to be sick because Megan and Jesse were sick and were at the house.

So I filled my water bottle and I went to bed. I went and put on my nighty that I made in sewing and that is nice for the winter because it is nice and warm. I am sleeping in my Mom's bed because Megan had to go into my room and Dad went to the valley to get our new farm ready. I took his spot, and boy am I ever enjoying sleeping with my mom. In the night I woke up with the flu and I told mom. So like every 2 hours I was waking up. Mom felt my forehead and I was with a fever. I was hot on the forehead.
Mom told me to get changed because I was dressed up to warm. You know when you have the flu and when you stand up you feel dizzy, well I had that. I couldn't focus on anything. I was trying to find some clothes but being with fever its not an easy thing to do. I took a aspirin for the suffering. I went to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up, but I was wrong. I told mom that I needed a container because I thought I would not make it.The most wonderful idea my mom had was to thhrow up in a ziplock bag (a big one of course) and when you want to get rid of it, why, you zip and throw!

So, lets get on with today shall we. I had some cereal but it took me a long time because when I was grabbing a bowl, I had a headache. After a few minutes I grabbed the cereal and then layed down and then a few minutes after I grabbed the milk and ate. I went into my room again sleeping until I had the feeling I had to throw up, and sure enough, I didn't have time to go to the bathroom, so I had to throw up in the zip lock bag. I threw that one away and then I went to bed and slept for 4 hours and then I felt ALOT better and then I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and then that's pretty much it for the flu..... Hope to go to town, lets see if I am well enough because I don't want to have a night like I did last night. Ta ta