Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oops The Goats Ran Away

Oops the goats ran away... One of our neighbours came to our house and said that the run away goats that had been gone for a week are found. They were eating Wilma's shrubs and she chased them down the road to the next neighbour and the other neighbour saw them. He was able to tackle those wild things and take them to his barn.

Today we had to rush into town to get enough fuel for the truck so we can travel the neighbourhood looking for the other goats, he didn't catch. You can imagine my Dad's disgust at having to humiliate himself.

Tonight you will hear the rest of the saga...

Kaylee and Reggie


  1. oh that is a very funny story,I hope their is a good ending,& I'm sure your mom does too

  2. Haha thanks fireweed... We have three goats home in the corral but do you think they are happy with eating just hay after taste testing the neighbours shrubs and apple trees.Mom has them tied and they aren't going anywhere. She says now that its all about protecting her investment..I don't see to much love there right now.There are two goats still on the loose and Mom is thinking about posting a reward all over town "One hundred
    dollars for anyone catching the giant goat gazelle".She is a giant wild beast of burden. She sticks out her tongue everytime we drive past her as we do alot because of the move.
    Mom is going to whisper a few scolding words in her ear when we do catch her... (GOAT WHISPERER???)