Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well as you may see I have returned to the world of blogging. Last week I bought a camera!!! Yup you read it right. That means more pictures and videos!. Also Mom and Dad bought Tyrell and I a little tent.

It is so tiny I can't even stand up in there! Reggie just loves it.

When we went to town, Reggie,Blue, and Shiloh stayed in the kennel for sometime. Less than 5 hours. So you can imagine they are hipper when they come out. Don't they look so happy to be released from JAIL!

Also here's the pics I promised of Tyrell and I riding the cow.

On the way over there Poppy Rose, Mallory, and Emelia were just by the dugout.


Gertrude is my Grandpa's cow that he had bought for us.

Well I should go and figure out what to have for breakfast.