Friday, March 12, 2010

Sometimes You Need A Good Chuckle...

Sometimes you need a good chuckle... That's when some of your brothers come up for supper and they tell you some funny stories. Today that's what happened and oh some stories were pretty funny. Everyone is talking about spring coming.

In the afternoon Meg, Tyrell, and I went for a walk to the spring. In the summer Jesse made a dugout and water was shooting up. We went to the creek where the spring is to see if the new spring dugout was full.

When we were walking back from the spring the cows and horses were behind us and the dogs and I don't think the cats were with us. When we got back from from the walk the fire went out so Megan put some catalogs on and some news paper and some wood.

You know catalog paper??? Well it doesn't burn really good... When Megan was out in her camper cleaning and Tyrell playing with his dogs, I got the fire started. It was so hard well okay not sooo hard but easy but then hard.

I went on my computer for a bit and then Mom and Dad arrived. They bought lots of groceries and so then we had to find a place for all the stuff. We didn't feel like cooking so Megan told Mom to buy some supper in town.

I cleared off the table for Mom to do her bread and I also finished vacuuming for Tyrell. I got 2 loads of snow and the pot is full to the brim. Later on I cooked some pizza's, bread, and some curly fries.

It was a delicious supper , we hardly have pizza and curly fries, so it was a treat. I think I am going to get ready for bed.

Kaylee and Reggie.

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