Saturday, August 14, 2010


Tyrell and I haven't gone to the fair since we were 6, Mom and Dad said that we have been working very hard on the farm and we deserve to go. Oh I can just hear the screaming and the music going through my head... The good ole fair.

Tyrell and I bought ourselves a wrist band. We had saved up alot of money for fair :) We were officially tall enough for every single ride. This time for our first ride we rode the `Sky master`.

It was abit overwhelming... When you go up and stay there you start to panic a little bit and then you go down really fast and your fast goes all weird.... I went on their twice, one with Tyrell and the other I went with a friend.

I didn`t get to scream on the sky master even though I wanted to I didn`t.... Their were boys in the front seat of us and the other guy said "Oh dear there are girls behind us" and then said " please don't scream ".

Tyrell went on this ride that sticks you to your seat that you are laying on, the circle part spins so fast Mom couldn't believe her eyes.

Also we went on the zipper, which was the scariest ride ever... Well for me it was.... I also went on lot of daring rides. I was hoping to go on the bumper cars but it wasn't there for some reason...