Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Its a Monday and guess what!!!!??? WE GOT OUR GIANT GOAT GAZELLE AND THE BUCK!!!!! 2 of our neighbours came and dropped off our goats. Mom was really happy. The gazelle came and guess what. Inside of our corral she jumped it so she is in the hay yard where we feed our cows and Horses.

By the way, yesterday Wes and Debbie and their children came. We always love it when they come. They dropped of their horses. It was a very nice time with them. Grace wanted to stay outside while the adults went inside of the cabin so I played with Grace. It was so hilarious when I had the kitty Marshmallow she said " I feed kitty" and so then we fed them for a little bit and then fed the goats some bread and some hay.

We went in with the kitty. We don't let the kitties in but it was so nice for Grace. We drew pictures. Grace just went on the bed and she curled up in the blankets and pillows with the kitty, it was so funny we hardly could see her or the cat.

Later on we went for a walk to the dugouts to see if they were full from the runoff. It was a long walk but the day was so warm, it was nice.

Kaylee and Reggie

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