Sunday, May 9, 2010

What A Wonderful Day

It was a wonderful day in the valley. Sun was shining most of the time. The weather likes to change every 10 to 15 minutes. We had our breakfast at the camp ground and it was very nice. Darcy came up for a visit and he helped do chores.

Darcy and I had to get some clay onto the truck . We had some spade shovels and went on top of the clay pile shoveling away. When the truck was full we went to the other side of the property. We shoveled it off to the ground to make nice pad for the pallets to be even on each side.

Craig and Stephanie showed up for Mothers Day. They gave Mom some chocolate and a very nice colorful flower. We had some soup and a hotdog roast. The sticks were getting to burnt so the ends were falling off and that means the hotdogs fall down to te ground.

I went inside and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. A couple weeks ago I gave you the recipe.They boys loved it so much. The first batch I burnt because the stove got abit to hot. When Craig and Steph left we went back to work.

Tyrell and I went up and down the drive way for 3 hours believe or not. I was so sore after that long bike ride. Mom and Megan just made a bee pond. I had the axe chop^ping the roots and raking. Megan was in the pond digging out the dirt and Mom well she kinda did everything.

We went inside and I made another fire. Mom made a pot of brown rice. It was really good. Well have a good night:)

Kaylee and Reggie***