Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday Again?!?!?

Its Saturday Again and I can't believe it. Yesterday Jesse and Darcy came for out Friday supper and that was fun. The stove was so hot it wasn't even funny. It was 400 degrees and we were all sweaty. I will tell you a funny story. When we first came up here everyone was outside working while I was in here cleaning and cooking some supper. Mom put big logs on and so did I.

The stove was at 600 degrees ( can you imagine that!!!) and so then I went on the deck and Mom came and said that I should stop being silly. Mom was laughing when she came in here she said that it was really hot and I wasn't reacting at all. Today when I got up right before I had some breakfast the Halidays came for a bid. Us kids played Monopoly.

I went outside and put some ear drops in all the cats ears because they have an ear ache and plus inside it was all bloody and gross. I fed all the cats and they loved it. Later on I went inside and read my book. It was a nice book. It was so sad, Elsie's friend died.

Darcy cane up with the car and I made some Kraft Dinner and it was good. Later on Darcy, Tyrell and I went out for a walk.

Kaylee and Reggie

Keep forgetting to post it... Ha ha

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