Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Days

I am soooo sorry that I didn't do a blog post this week. I was meaning but didn't get around doing it. I am at Alises right now for the weekend... Well I am going to stay here for abit... I arrived here Wednesday and get to stay for a week I think.

A couple days ago I painted the green house with Debbie while Alise looked after the baby. We went walking yesterday after supper and I would say we walked down the road and back in about an hour... Not to sure how far it was.

Last night when we were locking her chickens in her pen she had me close the gate and window while she was watering their dishes. When I was about to close the door she squirted me!!!!

Can you imagine that! Your own friend squirting you on purpose. When I was coming out she accidental pushed the handle bar and got water on my hair and then I had to run to the house just in case she would do that again!

Before I left my house Tyrell's goat Virgina gave birth to a boy and a girl. They girl was mine and of course she looked like coffee so I named her Swiss Mocha and Tyrell got to keep the boy and he named it Romeo. Yup just like "Romeo oh Romeo where art though Romeo".

A couple days just after she was born we had to pull her because we want her to be very friendly and a milk able goat. Mom and I milked Virgina for food so that we can bottle feed Swiss Mocha. I will up load some pictures when I download the pics onto my computer.

She just loves me alright. She though I was the Mom in about 1 hour. It is soo cute because when I am finished feeding her I got out of the pen then she starts to cry and cry and tries to jump out.

One day she got lucky, she figured out how to jump out of the pen so we had to close the gate instead of having a piece of ply wood by the two poles. She got out with me not knowing and just followed me around.

Finally I noticed and it is so funny. She is always following me around the yard. With me not there she will think that Mom will be the Mom. I can't wait till I get to see her.

Anyways I hope you had a good weekend:)