Friday, February 5, 2010

Its Friday and I'm lovin it:)

Its Friday and I'm lovin it... This morning I woke up to a wonderful day. The 4 girls (the foster ones that I was talking about earlier) are going for good!!!!! That means silence and peacefulness. At 9:30 they went and all the chaos went with them. We had to much of it the whole week. We will have a nice quiet home once and for all. When they left we all started jumping jubilantly. In all truthfullness I felt sorry for them that they were not taught manners, and hope they are happy in the new home that they went to.

With schoolwork finished for the day I look forward to doing my blog posts.

Hanna is my friend in Sweden and we were talking on our hot mail accounts and it was so cool because when its 11 am in Sweeden its 7 pm here. Sometimes I think to my self, is there even anybody reading this????? HELLO????

I urgently had a feeling of cleaning. You know when you have a cleaning mood, well yep, that's what I had yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen very very clean. Megan made some pizza dough so that Mom can make pizza's. We needed onions for the pizza. Mom doesn't like cutting the onions nor my sister Megan. My Dad is the one who cuts onions in the house but he was busy. I told Mom I wanted to cut onions. It was my first time doing it the adult way. I usually use an onion cutter. It is a great way to chop onions, they are just the right size to put on pizza. I asked Mom if she can teach me how to cut it with a knife. Mom showed me and I did it very well if I may say so myself. Ladies you know what cutting onions means. It means crying like you are so emotional, just of doing the onions!!!! I found a solution to cut back on the tears, YAY!!!!! Cut the onions by an open window so that when you need to have air, you just go to the window instead of rubbing your eyes and making it hurt more.When you rub with your fingers the onion scent is on your hand. Multiple times I had to go the bathroom to get a cold cloth on my eyes.

Mission accomplished solider! You have achieved an award for cutting onions. I set the table. There was a problem with the place mats, they were so wrinkled up that I thought it would be nice if I ironed them. When I ironed it Mom said that it was very very nice.

Jesse came and he had a cold so we gave him some halls and it actually worked for him. Later, Deb had arrived and all we are waiting for is Darcy and the drinks for the night.
When Darcy arrived we were all so hungry so I grabbed the groceries out of his hand and got the Ginger Ale on the table for the juice to be put in. I got a pitcher of water and I put the cans of juice in but I was in a hurry because Dad was about to pray. After we prayed I got the juice already and then we just had juice and Ginger Ale. It was a good pizza.

Darcy asked where his cup was and I showed him and then he said ``your so quick``. I washed the stove because it was so messy so I guess you could say that I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly. Later Megan asked me to do her hair and I said yes right after I am done cleaning. I got the curling iron on and then I was getting the curling spray that your supposed to do before curling your hair because it protects it. And also after curling it you can spray this stuff with sparkles so it makes it look nice.
I have a routine with the hair do, because I spray, then protection stuff, then curl, and then read Megan's book that she has, and then I take it out and then spray it to make it sparkly. I was playing around with Megan's bangs and I pretended to cut them with my finger and she said that I could.I was surprised and excited so then I did. And just remember, this is my first time cutting hair I thought, its going to look horrible. I was so nervous and of course I was right it was horrible. So I did a touch up and then it looked a bit better. I curled it with those Velcro rollers and it looked cute, that is, if she was a little girl.

We watched a movie and then when I was done curling Megan's hair we went to bed. I curled up with mom and then her heat put me right to sleep.

Long Day

I am going to write about Thursday so that I am catching up...

Today I got up and dressed. I had some cereal and it was so good. I did schoolwork for awhile but then the kids distracted me so I discontinued. I was going to go to my french Vclass but I was having trouble so I didn't bother. I did more schoolwork and then I was done. I babysat 2 little girls so we watched a movie and played on the piano. We watched Home Alone 2 and 3 it seems to be my brothers fovortie movie. I didn't finish Home Alone 3 because the kids were disobeying so I went upstairs with Tyrell and Emerson to watch halfway through we wanted to take a break.

We went down stairs and then we were playing with the puppies. We had some supper. I babysat again this time I went on the piano and played songs for all the little girls to dance to. I was wearing a skirt and it was harder to dance because they were teaching me to line dance.. Mom came in and gave me a beautiful green cowboy hat that she was saving for me for a long time. I loved it. Tyrell got his cow boyhat on and we began to dance. We lined danced and got so tired. It was time to watch the end of Home Alone 3. I checked my Hotmail and then I went to bed. Mothers orders. She is very particular about getting to bed early.