Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At My Friends:)

Since I never wrote yesterday I will write to-day. I didn't write yesterday because I am at my friends house. So lets start what I did yesterday.

Today I slept in and I got dressed. I had some cereal (surprise no egg on toast!) and got right now my schoolwork. When I started my schoolwork it was around 10:30. I did a bit of English and I had to start a fire in the front room. Alise ( my bff) was on MSN and was talking to me. Mom heard the noise and she told me to do my schoolwork and you can talk to Alise later. Alise was asking me if I can come for a sleepover. I asked Mom and she said go ask your Dad. I asked my Dad and he said go ask my Mom because he said "I Don't care" I asked mom again and she said yes. I told Alise that I could come and she said" bring your schoolwork".

I packed all my stuff and got ready to go. When I was all packed up and was waiting for my brother Wes to pick me up and drop me off at his place and I can play with Alise. I was doing my oldest sisters (she has to be my oldest sister because Megan and I are the only daughters) hair and Mom was telling us girls how her Moms Mom used to do her hair. It was a bubble beehive. Mom was demonstrating on Megan's hair and mom had a phone call so I took over. Megan's hair is so thick I was half way done and I didn't want to finish the normal beehive and plus I can guarantee you that we didn't have enough bobby pins. So the leftover hair I braided it and I wrapped the braid around her head and she said she liked so much. I am her hair dresser now.

Wes had arrived and I got ready to go. He carried my sleeping bag and I carried my bag of clothes and my computer bag. When I arrived I put my stuff in Alise's room. We went on our computers and we played the sims for awhile. We went for a break and we babysit my little niece Grace. Alise and I went and put a movie on for Grace and Debbie (Alise's Mom)asked us girls to go through the material and the stuff we don`t want she is going to give it to the Salvation Army. We had some supper and it was good pancakes and we went and we played more Sims and then we watched a funny movie. We didn't finish the movie because Debbie said it was bedtime. We shut off all the electronics. We were talking a lot and Alise did my hair and we hung upside down to grow our hair. Alise looked it up on her computer and that's another story. We went to bed.

Today I got up and I had some breakfast. It was some really good cereal.I got dressed and Alise and I went and did our schoolwork and that's all we did. We did some ss (social Studies) and I am going to do some English and we are going to be done and that's it.