Monday, June 7, 2010

Back Home

I am back home again. I think its kinda strange it has been a week! I have enjoyed being with Alise. We had water fights well with the hose and we played sims on our computer.

On Saturday we went to FSJ because Alise won a free pair of jeans from 8 Seconds.We went to Debbie's Dads house and had some delicous lunch. Sharlene made some filopino soup and it was so good.

We went to her brothers and asked if he is going to go to the fair. He just said he might he might not. We went to the fair and all as I can tell you there was loud music and kids screaming from the rides.

I took Grace on a little train because I was the smallest one there to take her.She loved it. Alise and I went on the tornado. There are 4 seats in the middle and they is a circle steering wheel I guess you could say.

You have to spin it and then you go in a circle and then the rides start up and you go around in the seat and also go around the the fence they have. I only spun the wheel for 5 seconds then started to feel sick.

Alise and I also went on the space ship that spins really really fast.You lay down on this board that goes up and down. The space ship goes really really fast so you can't really move any of your body parts.

You were megnatic to it because of the gravity. Your head feels so heavey and your arms feel like they are tied to something very very heavey. When the ride stops you feel so weird inside.

when we were leaving Debbie's brother fianlly came. On the way home the road was so bumpy well it didn't have bumps it had holes in the ground and we were bouncing up and down all the way home until we hit the high way.

Anyways I am going to finish up the dishes and start my vacuuming.

Kaylee and Reggie ***

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  1. Just so you know it is Charlene not "Sharlene"