Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Thing Called A Bog

Today I am going to blog about a bog.Mom and I went for a nice walk to look for our chickens that we just got a few days ago. Some of our chickens can jump over the fence.

Mom said that she will show me her bog... I kept asking her what is a bog... Mom never told me until we arrived. Its not far at all. All we have to do is follow the cow trail that they made.

Now I know what a bog is... do you know what a bog is???? Well I will tell you. It is like a garden but filled with nice flowers and peat moss etc.

Guess what Everyone!!!!!!!! A few days ago I mowed the whole lawn and now there are dandy lions up again. Time to cut those so here I go outside mowing the lawn.

Do you know how long it takes me to try and start that old thing! Well it takes me so long because I am to short and not strong enough so usually I get my Mom to come and help me. Today I figured out a new way how to start without any help.

So how do you like my idea?????

Tomorrow my Grandma is coming. We are cleaning,cooking,and working today. It is going to be so much fun with her here. She is going to stay for a few days and then we are going to take her back.

Dad is going to go and get her and us kids are going to stay with Mom. The weather is a bit cloudy and somewhat cold. I have it so hot in here its not even funny. That's because I am baking banana bread.

Well I am going to have some homemade soup for lunch.

Kaylee and Reggie***

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