Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gotta Love Farm Life

This morning I woke up and had some breakfast. I went on my computer for a litle bit looking at all my blogs that I like to look at. Mom and I are going to do the dishes soon as the water is a bit cooler as it was so hot. Mom looked in the fridge and the water melon was turning a bit off so she cut it in half and gave it to Granny may our goat.

Granny May tried and tried to eat it but didn't turn out as well as we thought. Mom sent me out there to cut it int chunks. Mom put it on a plate so I can put it on the stairs and chop away. By the time I had one chunk off, Granny May made a bowl out of the half!

Here`s the video:

Also as you may have heard the cows in the back ground. I went up to Mallory and she let me touch her! She is never that friendly. We separated her Mom and herself because we want her to be friendly.

Mom fed her the bottle for the first time. Mom had to wrestle her to the ground and put a little halter on her so that we can catch her more easily next time. The halter is a bit to big but she will grow into it.

Here's the video:

Isn't she cute! I think she is.

Here's another video of her:

This is first time doing this so I hope it turns out okay ;)

Kaylee and Reggie***

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