Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Going To Travel!!!

Today I am going to travel to Wembly! YAY! Its about a couple hours from here. We are going to pick up Grandma and also see my cousins ( the daaes)sing at a church.I think we are going to leave in a couple of hours not to sure.

Last night I was playing on my computer and all of a sudden Mom's phone started to ring. I looked and it was a text message, Megan had text me and said that she is going to come home in a few hours.

I told her if I should tell Mom or keep it a surprise. She said that she wants it as a surprise. We went to bed around 11 ish and I talked Mothers ear off till Meg came. When her little quiet vehicle came up the hill Mom started to think.

She went out of the tent and started to walk. When Megan came out we heard screaming,happy,greeting, and also talking. It was so very very late and I had fell asleep.

Debbie,Grace,and Jacob are coming in a couple of hours. I checked the eggs this morning and there were none. I will have to check it in a couple of hours just before I leave.

Tyrell and I made a deal. I check the eggs,do the grain, and do the water one day and he does it the next. Last time Tyrell checked all of our chickens layed eggs. Well we almost got all our chickens in that pen.

There is one chicken that I would like to call Sneaky. She is sneaking out in the bush laying some eggs to hatch. We are soon going to see her and her little baby chicks or chick coming out of the bush.

Yesterday I worked with my horse. He has a habit of nibbling on me when I am leading him. Mom came out with me and helped. She said when he does it you have to pull down on the lead rope hard as you can, but don't delay you have to do it as quick as possible.

I went on him and he did very well. Mom was leading me but I can tell he wanted me off. This is my 3rd time on him. Nobody went on him before. He was kicking his feet just to get me off! It was very very fun riding though.

I don't know what I should wear to Wembly. I think I am going to wear jeans and just a nice plain old shirt with my black high heels that my brother Darcy gave me for my birthday.

I have to say that Reggie is going to stay. He is going to be up set with me like always. My punishment is he sleeping at my feet! That's fine with me but he does warm me up.

Well I think I am going to wrap up my blog entry... I hope you have a pleasant day :)

Kaylee and Reggie***

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