Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm just visiting with my auntie and Grandma. We got home at quarter to 12.Mom,Auntie Joan, and I just went walking. Well looking for Emalia again. Oh I forgot to mention a few days ago we found her and she had a baby heifer.

We tried to figure out what kind of name. First it Daisy but then I asked Mom if we can call her Mallory. Mom said that she loves that name and fits her so her name is Mallory. Emelia and Mallory.

Anyways as I was saying Mom,Auntie,and I were walking and Auntie and I were looking for rose petals. They smell so good:)Grandma,Auntie,and I sleep in the cabin. Auntie said that she wanted the house smell like rose petals.

Everyone went into the truck for a little ride. We were showing around the property. I am thinking of making some banana bread when we have the stove hot.Speaking of hot, it is so hot here. We are all sweating, It is 35 Celsius out here right now.

Mom is baking some breaded bread. It taste so nice. I made it once. It is in my older posts of how to make it. I made some space for the watermelon in the fridge. It was somewhat hard. We have so much junk in there sad to say.

On Sunday we are going to clear dale to drop off Grandma and Auntie. We are going to stay for the singing I think. The Daae's did so well. We had to do actions in some songs. I was Loki after Shaya. I believe she is my 2nd cousin. Its my Dads sisters sons daughter.

We matched! I was wearing a pink shirt and she was wearing a pink dress on. It had the same colours and also same patterns except mine was s shirt and hers was a dress. She was a premature baby so she is pretty tiny.

We are visiting around the table. I am just cooling off. Well trying to. Well that's if for today I think :D

Kaylee and Reggie

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