Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday's Wait

Last night around 10 our cow Naomi was having her calf. I was sitting on a bucket waiting. I thought that I could take a video and maybe post it so I went into the house and got my computer.

I was waiting and waiting and waiting and still no calf. Mom said that she was to tired so she and Tyrell went to bed. I stayed out for another half an hour and still no calf.

Her water broke and everything and was still dripping. I put my computer in the cabin and went to bed. I was going to check her every single hour. I fell asleep. This morning Mom asked me if I wanted to come with her and see if Naomi had her calf.

Tyrell and I got up and checked on Naomi. She was missing. Tyrell and I searched the whole pen. At the bottom of the hill there she was laying on some grass and leaves.

We went up to the house and had some breakfast. We were playing horse opoly and then we had to do our chores. I went outside and did the chickens. I checked the eggs and sure enough there was just 1 egg.

For some reason they like to lay eggs in the evening. I gave them some grain. I did my chore list that mom made Tyrell and I. We finished up and then played Horse Opoly.

Dad said that we had to go to Jesse's place to get the water tank and also go to the spring and get some water for the animals. I did some laundry at Jesse`s and went home.

I put the hose in the water tank and it kicks like a mule. Well its somewhat hard to hold it because of the pressure. At the end Tyrell splashed me with water so I got him with the hose and then he got me.

When we got home we were very very wet. Mom and Ty were trying to put a halter on Mallory but she ran away so they have to try again tomorrow. I went with Dad to get another load of water for the garden.

I got a hold of the hose and had to hold her down. I almost got soaked by letting the hose go but I managed some how.When I got home I went inside cleaned abit and played Horse Opoly again with Tyrell.

By the way Dad aid that today is the longest day of the year and the rest of the days are getting shorter. Today I believe is the first day of summer. Which is weird because the rest of the days were so hot and today was gloomy and raining.

I am going to go and make some supper right now so will write again tomorrow well try to anyways...

Kaylee and Reggie***

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