Friday, June 4, 2010


Alise and I are camping... Well I like to call it that. Jacob has a fever and is teething. We are in the camper sleeping well like I said I like to call it camping.Today Alise and I painted the stone boat but we never had enough time to paint the tack shed.

This morning was a beautiful day!!! Sun was shining and a little bit of clouds were covering the sun for 5 minutes then out came the sun. Alise and I were sun tanning. I am turning darker every single time I am in the sun. Alise keeps getting burned. I wonder what it feels like to be burnt. No matter how long I am in the sun I keep getting darker. I just want a little bit of a sun burn.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Fort St. John for a bit and we are also going to visit Debbie's brother..Yesterday Grace was in the dog house and went to get her. I saw that Mia ( Alise's beloved cat) was going to give birth. I told Alise and she got excited.

A few hours later she had 3 kitties. We couldn't believe it she just had 3 kitties because she was so fat. Alise said that tomorrow or maybe in the middle of the night she will give birth to more because she said that her friend had it happen or something like that.

It turned out that she was right because now she has 6 baby kitties. They are so cute right now. They are grey and I think 1 is black. We also think that her other cat is pregnant too :)

We usually go in the trailer when all the kids are sleeping and we get to relax and wait till tomorrow arrives. Yesterday or I think they day before Alise curled my hair while we were watching a movie. Anyways have a good night!

Kaylee and Reggie***

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  1. Nice pics you little lovlie... I did it, looks wonderful ♥☺☻