Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Already!!!

Is it Tuesday already!!! Felt like a minute and it was like another week!!! Yesterday I got a call from my Mom and she said that on Thursday afternoon I am going to go home... New home that is. My teacher was supposed to call me yesterday morning but she never. Lets just hope she calls me today.

Tomorrow is going to be our town day again. We are not going to go skating and I am going to skip piano this time. Last night for supper we had some sushi!!!! I ate ravioli and so then I didn't eat a whole roll this time. Today is schoolwork day again. Yesterday we didn't finish till like 4:30!!!

Today I am going to have a shower here, Debbie said " This is your last time having nice hot shower. That's because like I said that we sold our house and we are going to go to the valley without now power. Well we have a generator and stuff but now like a grand house. Alise and I just got back from feeding the critters outside.

I am going to do some schoolwork now so ta ta

ps. I haven't been writing a lot because nothing really new here so yeah.

Kaylee and Reggie

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