Friday, February 5, 2010

Long Day

I am going to write about Thursday so that I am catching up...

Today I got up and dressed. I had some cereal and it was so good. I did schoolwork for awhile but then the kids distracted me so I discontinued. I was going to go to my french Vclass but I was having trouble so I didn't bother. I did more schoolwork and then I was done. I babysat 2 little girls so we watched a movie and played on the piano. We watched Home Alone 2 and 3 it seems to be my brothers fovortie movie. I didn't finish Home Alone 3 because the kids were disobeying so I went upstairs with Tyrell and Emerson to watch halfway through we wanted to take a break.

We went down stairs and then we were playing with the puppies. We had some supper. I babysat again this time I went on the piano and played songs for all the little girls to dance to. I was wearing a skirt and it was harder to dance because they were teaching me to line dance.. Mom came in and gave me a beautiful green cowboy hat that she was saving for me for a long time. I loved it. Tyrell got his cow boyhat on and we began to dance. We lined danced and got so tired. It was time to watch the end of Home Alone 3. I checked my Hotmail and then I went to bed. Mothers orders. She is very particular about getting to bed early.


  1. hello miss I have it right....nice music!