Thursday, February 4, 2010

Town Day

I am going to write about yesterday, today. I am going to write about today, tonight, for SURE!
I had a feeling I should write in my blog because one of my friends said that I was letting down her, and my followers.

On with today...

Today I was sleeping with Mom, because Dad was sleeping their room because he was sick. He snores so loud. So we were sleeping in the front room. We had to get up early because Darcy is going to take us town, and of course I told you that he works at the Butcher block. We get the car while he works. We got ready to go to town and then we were off.

Megan (my oldest sister and my only sister) is going to have a wonderful day without the children. Last Thursday we got an emergency placement because we are foster parents. 4 girls ages 7, 4, 3, 1 and it is so stressful. The 4 girls are going to go for a visit for the whole day. We dropped off Darcy and then we started our townday!!!

We went to the Dollar Store and I found the coolest thing ever! It was a flash light and it is a 3d flashlight that is a windup. On the side there is a lock and unlock and when you push the unlock, the other side pops up. You pump it, and then you charged it up. I had a sore throat so I also bought some Halls.

Right before we left the Dollar Store my piano teacher called and wanted to see if we could change our piano lessons. It works out well because we get more skating time in. Tyrell went to piano first, because I went last last time. Mom went into the school with Tyrell while I stayed in the car with Emerson.
Emerson thought I was so fun but I was just listening to the radio...LOL....I went and did piano and my teacher loved me playing for her and she said that she likes me as her student. I didn't get enough piano practice because those girls, I was telling you about in the beginning, are piano lovers so when I practice they pound on the piano. After my piano lesson we went skating. I was playing tag with some of my friends and fell. I stopped for a bit of a rest.We ate at the rink.
My Dad was in town so he picked up Darcy from work ( he was on his lunch break, Darcy that is) and then Dad wanted to gofor lunch. We enjoyed some poutine and a drink. We dropped off Darcy at work. We went to the library to get some books and then I got some movies for Emerson. At that time I was going to go to sewing. I am making my pink cameo pajama pants. I am doing it much faster than the first time I sewed. The first tiem i sewed I was going the slowest speed, but this time I was almost going full speed and I did some straight lines. Next week I am going to be
finished this project
Mom picked me up and I noticed that I couldn`t find my purse, and you know when you have a sick feeling in your stomach if you think you lost your purse, well I had that feeling, but I found it after ashort time. I had such a relief. We went to the mall. We went and sat down and Tyrell wanted to go on the rides that they have in the mall. I knew he was too bigf but we never do that so it was fun. Tyrell asked if we could go on the claw. The claw is the big claw that you pick up toy's with, but you have to have skill. Mom said yes (she is in a good mood) you see, she does not like waste so we don't do this sort of wasteful thing ever. I had a turn and almost got a hat, I grabbed it, and while it was going it dropped, and I got so mad.

I got so addicted but then I ran out of money because I wasted. Of all the times to leave your money at home, it had to be that, particularly time. We went and picked up Darcy and went home. What a long day. I was very tired.

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