Friday, February 12, 2010

Science For Today

Today I woke up on a average day. I had some breakfast and straight to school work. I finished my science and scanned and sent it to my teacher. Today we are working with a microscope and we are going to study what the blood looks like under the microscope. We need the blood so we had to prick our selves with a pin. That's right pricking yourself with a pin.

I was so nervous doing it I was about to chicken out. Megan got a tack and was starting to attack me to get blood on the slides to see it. Before we did that we did a report of writing down all the information. When it came to stabbing I chickened out. Mom had to do it for me she told me it won't hurt.

Mom pinched my end of my finger and said that the nurses used to do it to her when she was pregnant. When she did me it hurt well I shouldn't say it hurt hurt but it felt like she pinched me. When I looked through it, it looked so different and you would think you were color blind if you did look at it. It was kinda like gold and little bugs were around and of course I saw my plasma.

Next it was Tyrell. His looked way different then mine his looked like it was darker. Next it was Emerson. He was scared of doing it and finally he did a little poke but no blood. Mom poked it again and a little bit of blood came out and then Mom gave up. I went over there and I squeezed it so hard that lots of blood came. Mom focused it for Emerson and he saw it and it looked so different that I don't think I can explain.

Megan wanted to do hers so she pricked her self and she couldn't get the light on and focus it. I got my rechargeable batteries and I replaced them and then it was working like really.I saw it was straight yellow. Us kids want Mom to prick her blood but she said no. I personally think she is tired of it because she had 5 kids and that means 5 pricks.

Well that's it for today....

Kaylee and Reggie

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