Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home Kaylee and Reggie. Yes I am at the valley right now. Mom and Dad had bought an air card ( I think I was telling you in the last post) so I can keep in touch with you guys and also we can go on the internet too. We just had some leftover pizza and boy was it sure good :)

Mom and Dad picked me up from my friends/family around at 3:00. My little niece will probably be a little bit upset going without no good byes. She clung to me when I was eating meals and playing with her.

We went to the house and loaded up some of the stuff that we needed and went down here. All of us are sitting here, Mom is on the internet, Dad is reading The Bargain Hunter and Tyrell is just being Tyrell always hyper, loud and being a boy. He just got so hyper he went outside and played with the dogs. Reggie my sweet little dog is just laying with me by the nice hot fire.

When I arrived at the house (well the one that is being sold) I had a surprise. Well it wasn’t a surprise really because Dad spilt the beans when we were driving. Reggie went and had an appointment. He got all nice and groomed. Although it wasn’t really that great because there is some hunk of hairs that need a bit of trimming.

This small little cabin is all nice and homey. I got my stuff and put it in the cabin. There is hardly any room really so all our junk and stuff are in a shed or on a pellet with a tarp on. Well I think I am going to go read for awhile and then sleep. Bye for now.

Kaylee and Reggie hey you started it


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